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  1. Why when we kill a character in a building,he pass through the ground?
  2. I think that the survival mod should be just like the old warz,with colorado v1,and the same loot.
  3. I think that my disable item physic option is not working,i should put it yes or no?And what it does the option?
  4. In my opinion,the skins in the survival mode should be removed.it just gets worse the survival.
  5. Zombies is very annoying and has nothing to do with the sense of battle royale please nobody likes the zombies please remove them.
  6. Chupacabra,sera que podia ter items com fisica?
  7. Teria que ter um filtro ta ligado?Um filtro pra deixar os graficos mais estilo do alpha mesmo,seria legal se tivesse isso.
  8. MichaelRezende


    So,I was thinking if the time of WarZ come back to what it was,with hard loot,the sounds that made the game so scare.So,I think that gonna be cool if back to that time.
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