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  1. Yo! Vet player here, Add me on steam too! i don't have many teams so yeah. https://steamcommunity.com/id/destinydoom1/ I can say, i'll not be looting the airport much, Until we have ehh, gear.
  2. Little gear, whoever. but it's ok grade. Not many people "camping" it
  3. Hey Arkady! My best advice is finding a small group, or if you're dead set on solo, you need to learn to sneak, You're sneak bind might be on caps lock, it makes nearly zero noise. At this point, if you don't want to sneak, "good" loot is hard to come by without risks, get low grade items, whored them. Then start risking it. My best advice is cottonwood, There's a hidden MB There, in the indent on the map by the red zone, Good thing? If you have a gun you can force the Super zombie out. How? There's a set limit on how far zombies can go. (Or else, you'd be seeing zombies on the roads and stuff a lot more) If it doesn't agro, get closer, shoot it. Repeat, if it gets agroed, run back and start going around, keep a movement from where you came from.
  4. Noxusmight

    Car spawns

    Loco proof and to make sure. The zombie hit me making me drop nearly. all for this post. Yall welcome
  5. Noxusmight

    Car spawns

    found one in loco, a bit away fron norad MB, in the tree lines. Crystal lake. there's about 2/3 spawns in clearview. One outside the small gate area of fallsdale. That's all i know!
  6. Always chat logs and watching his kills. There IS stuff they can do. They don't.
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