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  1. linvus

    Moving on

    On june 23d i made a thread where i explained why my clan and i are pausing with the game and wrote circumstances and conditions under which we will come back to game: http://forums.fredaikis.com/index.php?/topic/5153-felovšip-clan-walkout/ Again (as expected) developers did nothing and on top of that you deleted my post so people cant see it Thanks for 1213 hours of entertainment and most importantly thank you for giving me countless reasons to leave the game which i ignored. (Nothing for my YT montages/promo videos, banning/suspending my ingame acc, banning me from discord, deleting my messages and insulting me ingame/forums and ignoring my messages and appearance on live streams) (Proof: https://youtu.be/LQh61wuYDco?t=59m30s (You can hear elias mentioning he discussed my thread (59:30) and then both of them CLEARLY ignoring my message that appears at 1:00:37)) I will finish this thread with i 1-minute montage i made with zero effort, enjoy https://vimeo.com/283770979 Peace out, huge love from Felovsip clan and all our 22 former and current members Maybe we will comeback when....
  2. Again you are not reading. 60% of community is Asia people that loves ti play on EU with stable 300ms, right? Its ok, its totally fine BUT we, the remaining 40% dont want those people playing with us, nobody loves to play against huge clan that moves in 300ms killing us behind walls and riots. SOLUTION: Ping limit servers all server to 100-150ms MAX, and leave one server open for the Asia people and let them enjoy fighting equally among themselves. If you wont be doing that, you will soon have 100% Asia players and nobody from EU. Im not anonymous so i will write everything i want publicly until you decide to delete things i write. Im not stupid, and im more than sure that guy who made anticheat for his own cheats is more than capable to make his pc immune to minining in his own game, Peace I didnt write you are doing this, just pointing it out that its fishy.
  3. Tbh im glad game is soon-to-be dead We deserve better
  4. How to play newz: -Go to not-limited ping server -Get killed behind tree/riot/wall or w/e -Go to ping-limited server -get bored because theres nobody there -quit
  5. I would agree on everything but 1 minute cooldown. Either remove it, add more cd to it, move spawn points further away or add servers that dont support instant revives
  6. Sry but whats your ingame nick?
  7. Probably last montage because there are no players left to fight with in Boulder (except 50 men hello thais). Hope you enjoy!! Oh and yeah, Pauloh is trashcan
  8. linvus

    new fragmovie

    Dear gosh next montage hide your ping pls its stinging my eyes
  9. Its not a huge deal anyway and im off of it, just write down somewhere these tips about UI somewhere and i will be more than thankful
  10. @Sven Make all characters accessible with 1 click so it doesnt require me to actually press 'change character'. And make 'Access GI' button much larger and find its special place on interface because thats where 100% of players click before joining open-world or any mode. Same goes for KDA and REPUTATION,make it more visible and special, other information about character specifics are not that useful or intresting. Best wishes @Silenterror Mind unbanning me from discord yet turd? You did that for no reason and i didnt violate the rules, peace.
  11. So far overall performance is better BUT -Main menu fps is terrible (15-20) especially when im rotating character +ingame fps is better -navigating through characters is plain badly done, i liked old system more than the current one. -Expected more territories to be claimed (Varo definitely requires one because was always pvp there). Boulder territory flag is on super bad spot, i would place it on top of the main bridge because people pvp there and not inside of town. (I really wonder do you play your own game because why would you place flag in place nobody visits and is guarded by Super zombie, has no cover and must-waste 2-3 DX to get cover from SZ) -Expected more when it comes to fog, IT IS better but it should be removed completely or reduce the opacity even more.
  12. I have huge expectations from all the possible peeks people do with riot shields!
  13. Just letting you know i watched it completely naked
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