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  1. Then you mean "Selling VSS, AWM and 3x Military backpack for GD?
  2. My clan change server after Whipe, makes it not that cunty to play
  3. If you are gonna report someone, you need real proof, not just write something and think they will believe you, and the no recoil, there is alot of people that know how to work with the recoil system. And the rapid fire, dont think so, maybe he had famas or honeybadger, But again, you need proof
  4. Good old days
  5. its not that simple, "your banned simple as that" Do you think that will stop them from teamin? There are plenty of people who dont care, and if they really do ban them, Dont you think they will make more accounts? and it will probably kill the game because they will ban to many players.
  6. That I agree with, but They tried to do solo servers, but that didnt work, Fks, the poeple in clans, and want to play solo to not play with more then themselves, and if they go to solo server, and face each other, what do they do? Devs must atleast make it so You cant see clan tags etc.
  7. NewZ is a game to play with people, if you Solo, You would better not play NewZ
  8. Yeah, Good idea, and add the option in Skins tab to see every single skin, sort them by what you have and not have. So you can see what the skin looks like 3d
  9. I requested. Player Unknowns battlegrounds as well.
  10. YEah Ik, thats why this is NewZ, clans of 5 campin the whole server, legit waiting for one guy to log on and rush him and kill him, it happend to me, but instead, I killed them. Want to change NewZ? remove the fcking Rocky and force them to play on Springvalley or Clearview.
  11. Rocky is a tiny map, people like that I guess, sence there isnt alot of people playin.
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