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  1. Character Name: SeaCrane1 Screenshots: 1 - https://i.imgur.com/7VuhB8d.jpg 2 - https://i.imgur.com/fKjWo8v.jpg 3 - https://i.imgur.com/jWTmkPt.jpg 4 - https://i.imgur.com/joqqs6o.jpg 5 - https://i.imgur.com/zmEJd9d.jpg
  2. SeaCrane1

    False report

    I wanted to clarify, at the advice of the Discord moderator, that I was not going out of bounds on the map. You'll find a video of me going to where I was below. Chupa has since unbanned me, but I still would like the video to be out there somewhere. If this was a glitch from a removed invisible wall, please consider this a bug report! Thank you!
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