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  1. how hard is it to actually kill a looter that has a sniper? just happened to me i wonder if he even knew that he had a really rare weapon... now i can finally set up my ghostsniper char in frosty and kill even more looters
  2. you need around 180 stanag shots , 100 bullets from heavy machine guns like pkm. 4,5 saiga mags , 2 AA clips and so on. Also you should kill it really fast since it regains health in every second you don't shoot at it.
  3. maybe this is a sign. you are meant to be a shield. or you were a shield in your last life.
  4. yes i think lowering the amount of sprinters on survival will be a good thing. especially when you think about that mainly new players from steam play on survival right now. Looting airport or other military places feels like allmost impossible to handle for a new player. Even for me, someone with 4 k hours in this game its really annoying to loot there. you have to be focused all the time to not get hit by the sprinters. when i think back about the old warz when it came out there were no sprinters at all and way less zombies and it was still hard for a beginner in the first hours the loottables are fine right now i guess. but making lootruns more enjoyable by lowering the sprinters / amount of zombies in general would be a good thing
  5. thats awesome! Can't wait to play it
  6. ah apperently its only not working on survival mode, why ?
  7. when i try to skin my backpack it says no skin available. but i learned it and had it for ages on my large backpack. is it not in the game anymore? do i get sth. in return, since i payed money for the destruction skin box back then?
  8. The items from original ISS are allmost all findable on survival mode + the new guns from newz so what you asking for is allready in the game. the variety of loot is fine i think. you can find rare ars at military places, moisins and crossbows in farm areas and sometimes if you are lucky you even find a scar or imitar at a random police station. i am very satisfied with the loot right now and the most good thing to mention about the loot tables is that snipers are super rare. the pvp is really enjoyable and i see the playerbase of survival mode more likely to increasy than other. keep up the good work devs
  9. Thanks for your reply. Can you maybe answer me one more question? Do you know if there is a car spawn at norad or frosty? i cant find any and i dont want to walk to the safezones
  10. hey buddy. add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094705864/
  11. It it worth finding these places, lootwise or is it just a hidden place that doesnt occur on the map?
  12. i guess you didn't see that i posted this on the survival section. you can't buy vehicles on these servers. They spawn quite frequently on the map but i'm not sure if there is one at norad or frosty. thats why im asking
  13. i have never seen a car there, anyone knows where it is?
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