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  1. i give 10 x KSTYLE for 4 x KSTYLE NVG ( i got 20 kstyles ) pm me
  2. its not worth anything since nobody really has snipers. its like selling movies in a world where no televisions exist.
  3. campos is also a hotspot for pvp and smallville sometimes too. you should try it
  4. i didnt know my portuguese was that good LOL
  5. if you want to play in a big group you can play open world but survival is meant to be that way.
  6. i give you 1 x silencer for 2 x forward grips or 1 x silencer for 1 x combat grip.
  7. i can give 1 FULL Scar per woodshield or sth. else. just pm me
  8. the one is called light gear not light armor. its similar armor types that reduce the same amount of damage like mtv and iba sand for example.
  9. you hear them all the time in clearview.. its not stopping. its really annoying.. it should be like in the warz days where you hear it all 15 minutes or so
  10. are you sure its still up? i hopped like 15 servers and didnt find a single car
  11. yes reducing the servers to 2-3 per country would be also really good. i like the idea
  12. So i heard that Cliffside will be added to survival pretty soon. I think thats not a really good idea since the pvp on survival is allready pretty dead. If people start playing cliffside there will be no people playing colorado anymore. Also if you add a new map ( 8 times bigger than colorado ) and replace it with v2 this will kill the survival mode in my opinion. Servers are allready not that populated. If people have to play on a new huge map they will never find each other which will kill the coop aspect of this mode and also pvp. Alot of new players that play survival allready have a hard time meeting each other. this will get even harder if the map is so huge. If u add a new map that big you should reduce servers to 3 in total or sth. That might work, not sure though. I think it would be cool if you focus on improoving the crafting mode. Its still really bad since you need so much stuff to craft certain things. Also maybe base building can be a thing that would make survival mode unique. Another thing which would make this mode really interesting if you do like 3 airdrops at the same time at a town like superior junction , mountain crest , campos , boulder city with a Global Countdown of 30 Minutes and the information where the supply drop gonna come down. So people on the server can make their way to the city where the big supply drops come down and then they can fight for it. Maybe limit these huge drops to servers with 30 People on it , so people cant farm them on lowpops. Imagine a server with 30 people on it and suddenly there is a huge announcement that there will be 3 Supplycrates coming down in Smallville in 30 Minutes and then the countdown starts and all people on the server start running to smallville. There will be epic fights happening for sure! What do you guys think?
  13. there is cars spawning at allmost every place all the time. you can stash easily dude there is so so many cars...
  14. nice! I'm sure a lot of players from survival will like this
  15. At the moment there is a lot of pvp in Mountain Crest on Survival Servers. Sadly there is no car spawning in this city. So everytime you want to go stash you have to run for like 10-12 min. Would be awesome if you can make a carspawn over there and maybe remove the one in rocky ford instead. Thank you
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