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  1. the problem is not the groupsystem of 5 people. the problem is that people in this game allways want to have an advantage over another group. so atm. people play with 3-7 guys because they want to beat at least a 3 man group. i bet if you can make a group allowing 5 players to be in it people will play with 5-12 people. it has allways been like that in infestation. people use every advantage they can get. thats just what i feel will happen and then pvp wont be possible anymore for solo players...but i could be wrong.
  2. lol yes we have more than 3 people in our survival squad but most of the time we play duo or 3s .. we usually never play all together. and i am not arguing about stuff like that in this post. stop being childish. i posted my opinion. thats it. and stop telling lies
  3. we play with 1-3 people most of the time dude. and no. not all people playing with 5 or 10 people. ive never seen people playing with 10 guys lol. wake up
  4. -1 you dont talk for everyone here. there is a lot of players that dont come to the forum that like to play survival because it's good as it is! If you want massive clan fights you can play open world but look at other "real" survival games like miscreated and dayz. you dont have any group tags at all. where else should solo players go if you change group to 10 people? it's called survival for a reason. if things like that get changed survival will be like open world in 1 year i promise you that. the game is allready super hard for new players and i see a ton of them playing survival instead of open world. also i know there are a lot of other groups out there that enjoy playing in smallish groups. so please keep it as it is! its perfect!
  5. +1 i dont like the spawnsystem on district. its too random. if i die i want to spawn close to where i got killed so i can revenge myself. also i liked the old map more. but that could be just me
  6. i would love to see some footage from the new map. would be amazing! is that possible? #forthehype
  7. you should try survival mode dude, snipers are really rare and its like old iss
  8. did u get your snipers from trading or did u find them?
  9. also frosty pines and smallville got some pvps. you should check it out
  10. its the same people i play with every day and they all of the sudden find snipers.. but i guess its just luck then
  11. isnt it allready like that? they just added the old sounds from back then
  12. of course you buffed it. the amount of people getting snipers right now is insane. i see them selling this crap left and right. soon survival will just end up like open world
  13. thats fine. i pmed you. thread closed
  14. very nice offer. can you give ak47s + ak ammo instead of imitars and military backpacks?
  15. i got it on survival thats why i posted it on the survival trade section
  16. Yo, im selling 1 x VSS. I'm mainly looking for customs but you can also offer other stuff or make a package ( but no meds and no Openworld or GD stuff ) post your offer here or pm
  17. Are you telling me all the hours that i put into farming hardened will be worthless? If you make it easier to farm certain skills its gonna make me cryyyyyyyy a river
  18. you talk about open world right? cause in survival allmost nobody got snipers
  19. i was there a lot of times but never found a car, can someone cofirm its spawning there for sure?
  20. If they buff the spawnrate of snipers pvp will soon become the same like open world. Atm its just pure ar madness, its so much fun. Sometimes people bring out snipers but if they do, they roll 6 people deep which makes playing against them allmost impossible. So yeah, i like the rarity of snipers atm. The only thing i would change is that if you find a sniper it should be random which one you find. It's allready so damn hard to find one, so make it at least random which one you get. As of for now you basically only get svds which is pretty boring. BUT DONT BUFF SNIPER SPAWNS!!!
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