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  1. Just found an old screenshot from the survival server polulation a few months ago.  

    server pop from back when i played:  https://imgur.com/a/RqAGkOa

    This was before the dev-team impletement this to survival mode :

    --> private servers

    --> lockboxes 

    --> bus stops 

    --> increased loot 

    --> opened up 3 different maps for a very small community that split the player base even more

    --> increased group from 3 players to 5 


    Even the US Server 01 allways had like 20-50 people on it. you could find pvp at many places ( mountain crest , campos , clearview , boulder , airport )  miss those days.


    I know survival is having a small comeback right now but thats mainly because it gets more and more like open world so some clans come over. at some point there will be no difference anymore. just sayin.


    miss the old days but they will never return. 

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  2. On 17.5.2018 at 7:22 PM, kazmightONFIRE said:

    I totally agree with you. Specially when we do plan to improve the Survival mode but each things comes one bye one specially our team is very small. We had other things to focus (specially with the new map; which is something coming for Survival) on this is why this game mode got less updated compared to the 2 other modes.

    But I can guarantee you that we plan to add new exciting things to this game mode for the next patches! We also plan to improve and fix things rhat will directly impact this game mode aswell. 

    About your suggestions, Chupa already replied on it and I definitely agree with everything he said. I personally would like to thank you for this great post as we base our updates on the community feedbacks. Keep it up! <3 


    Well then you shouldn't have told people months ago that that new big things will be implemented to survival "next patch". I've heard you guys saying that a lot of times and nothing ever happend. The only hope was that the new map which was announced as a "survival only map" not too long ago will be good. As far as i know it will now also come out for open world which was a big dissapointment for me. As a result of that i think you can't blame people for being sceptical in regard of the future of survival. Tons of things were promised in the past and nothing ever happened. I can understand everyone who lost hope.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Overback said:


    I suggest to remove the "sneaky" mode (idk how to call it, it's about when you're walking without making any noises) who is in my opinion absolutely ridiculous.

    When people spawns behind you, ghosting because they know you're somewhere near them, it's really annoying to be killed easily without hear any footnoises.




    remember in the old warz were no footsteps at all on grass. funny times :D sneak mode is cool. keep it :)


  4. On 16.4.2018 at 1:02 PM, Ice 9 said:

    i am happy for the chabge...for once i can actually not got drop from a guy shooting me from across the map with no spread. Now we all on the same page. if its bad for you its bad for them...get closer and use some skill to win.  this is just my opinion.

    You get killed by people from across  the map because they know how to control their aim and their recoil. It's called skill. The new update takes away a huge part of it by making it random. By saying "get closer and use some skill to win" you are basically saying you are the one camping behind a corner / wall, waiting for the perfect moment to kill someone if he gets close. Only because one out of 50 players uses rapidfire you can't just take away the mechanics of the game and make good players suffer from it. this is just my opinion :)



  5. 21 hours ago, Svena69 said:

    didn't i say only the green area is done? xD


    u didnt tell me anything about it.. here is my number 0155-324553. i am available every day at 3 pm. looking forward to your call.


    ps. sry i was too lazy to read about it. thought the map is allmost finnished. thanks for your reply

  6. Hey guys, 

    i made a survival video just for fun. I know the quality and the edit is shit but i hope you still like it! Enjoy it guys and have a nice day. :x




    also if you haven't seen it. here is my first survival clip from a few weeks ago. be prepare for eyecancer though:


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  7. 46 minutes ago, Skittle said:

    Because they're not all against it. Funnily enough, there are those of us that love the PVE side of the game and hate the PVP side, so when we say "survival" a lot of us want more PVE than PVP, PVP is expected, but when it completely overtakes the PVE side it gets real boring for us. So with the private servers, I can invite my friends and play purely PVE with the harder loot and drop rates, which for me, is more fun that logging into a survival game and being killed every 10 minutes by some try hard PVP player.


    why you and your friends dont go on a lowpop server then? i promise you wont get killed every 10 minutes there and if so survival might not be the right mode for you. If you want to pve you can allways go and play openworld. when survival was released it was supposed to be a game mode which is harder than open world. 

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  8. 12 hours ago, Vintorez said:

    Thank you everyone on your input so far, I encourage you to keep providing it. I will take your concerns to the developers when they wake up in the morning. I also merged 2 threads together to keep the discussion in one place.


    It would be nice if we get a reaction from one of the devs about this. there are literally so many people that don't want private servers in survival and still it's  in the patch notes :/

  9. same thing on survival. im a paragon myself and sometimes i play against other good ranked guys and i can literally just stay beside them and give my mates info where they are. same thing also happening to me where good ranks stay next to me and start punching me untill i got no meds left and i cant do anything. 


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