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  1. i wish they would just wipe and creat a good and balanced loot table. they could even wipe every 12 months. it would be good for the game and pvp
  2. Just found an old screenshot from the survival server polulation a few months ago. server pop from back when i played: https://imgur.com/a/RqAGkOa This was before the dev-team impletement this to survival mode : --> private servers --> lockboxes --> bus stops --> increased loot --> opened up 3 different maps for a very small community that split the player base even more --> increased group from 3 players to 5 Even the US Server 01 allways had like 20-50 people on it. you could find pvp at many places ( mountain crest , campos , clearview , boulder , airport ) miss those days. I know survival is having a small comeback right now but thats mainly because it gets more and more like open world so some clans come over. at some point there will be no difference anymore. just sayin. miss the old days but they will never return.
  3. rather delete all servers and private servers and just add 1 server per area with colorado v1 on it. it will never happen but this would be real survival for me
  4. Well then you shouldn't have told people months ago that that new big things will be implemented to survival "next patch". I've heard you guys saying that a lot of times and nothing ever happend. The only hope was that the new map which was announced as a "survival only map" not too long ago will be good. As far as i know it will now also come out for open world which was a big dissapointment for me. As a result of that i think you can't blame people for being sceptical in regard of the future of survival. Tons of things were promised in the past and nothing ever happened. I can understand everyone who lost hope.
  5. remember in the old warz were no footsteps at all on grass. funny times sneak mode is cool. keep it
  6. You get killed by people from across the map because they know how to control their aim and their recoil. It's called skill. The new update takes away a huge part of it by making it random. By saying "get closer and use some skill to win" you are basically saying you are the one camping behind a corner / wall, waiting for the perfect moment to kill someone if he gets close. Only because one out of 50 players uses rapidfire you can't just take away the mechanics of the game and make good players suffer from it. this is just my opinion
  7. u didnt tell me anything about it.. here is my number 0155-324553. i am available every day at 3 pm. looking forward to your call. ps. sry i was too lazy to read about it. thought the map is allmost finnished. thanks for your reply
  8. so is 70 % of the map just mountains and forest? if u want to go to the small place on the left side of the top u walk 20 mins through a dead area ?
  9. l_miss_sunshine


    no he is not. it's a false ban
  10. Haha. I need to talk to my camera man about this
  11. Hey guys, i made a survival video just for fun. I know the quality and the edit is shit but i hope you still like it! Enjoy it guys and have a nice day. also if you haven't seen it. here is my first survival clip from a few weeks ago. be prepare for eyecancer though:
  12. why you and your friends dont go on a lowpop server then? i promise you wont get killed every 10 minutes there and if so survival might not be the right mode for you. If you want to pve you can allways go and play openworld. when survival was released it was supposed to be a game mode which is harder than open world.
  13. It would be nice if we get a reaction from one of the devs about this. there are literally so many people that don't want private servers in survival and still it's in the patch notes
  14. again, why would you add private servers for survival if allmost the whole survival community is against it? i dont get it.
  15. From my perspective survival can't be called "survival" anymore if there is private servers. The things i love about survival is that you have to worry about your loot, that loot is rare and that you cant just hop on a private server and loot for days without ever being scared about anything. Thats not survival. Items are allready loosing its value right now. They get cheaper and cheaper. If private servers get released it will break the market after 1 year and everything will be exactly like in open world. Only difference will be that you can't stash instant to your global inventory. So what does survival even stand for? I started this game mode for these reasons. --> Nice for solo players --> Loot is not so easy to get like in open world and has its value --> Walking your loot to the safezone and being scared of loosing it to other players --> No clans / big groups --> No Riotshield pvp which makes it way more tactical and awesome --> Snipers are rare / Nice ar pvp --> Random encounters with people looting and discovering the map You allready put lockboxes in the game which was a big breakdown for some players that i know. They all quit because it took away some parts of the survival part. If you take out stuff of your gi, you should better prepare to die with it and not hide behind your lockbox. otherwise "survival" is not the right thing for you.
  16. +1 keep snipers rare but bring some new rare items that would make farming more fun again
  17. how is that even possible?
  18. all i hope is that there is not too many 5 stories
  19. same thing on survival. im a paragon myself and sometimes i play against other good ranked guys and i can literally just stay beside them and give my mates info where they are. same thing also happening to me where good ranks stay next to me and start punching me untill i got no meds left and i cant do anything. ITS SO STUPID
  20. There is only one thing which is really important to me an pisses me of big time. Being a paragon... --> MAKE REPUTATION LIKE IN THE OLD ISS! SO IF YOU ARE A GOOD RANK AND GET SHOT BY ANOTHER GOOD GUY YOU WONT GET - REP IF YOU KILL HIM
  21. - buying 40 Binoculars for 30 full moinsins. - buying 40 combat grips for 40 full nightstalkers pm me guys
  22. hopped like 13 servers and checked everything around the antenna. there was nothing. can you please check it again svena. thank you. also my clanmates never found a car there! if anyone has ever found one there please post it here
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