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  1. bought 1, but cant see it lost my GC 10mins ago. sad panda Sven help me boddy !!
  2. well im carifakavitrup on twitch streaming everyday until i had the cpu usage problem.
  3. i got it sorted for now atleast. i5 7400 3.00 ghz cpu 1060 nvidia 3gb its allways been running fine until 1 week ago. Now it works great when i boost my system with ASUS gpu tweak it shots of some window stuff and that fixes it.
  4. no it dint hes talking about spikes mine just keeps raising in cpa usage
  5. Ive been streaming more or less everyday
  6. carif


    why do you think more and more ppl play survival? hardly any snipers there. Svena and chupa you need to come up with a plan and kill some snipers and the spawn rate of em.
  7. Yes we are back now lets rock!!
  8. So lately i had this issue when streaming with OBS that it starts using more and more cpu. It starts at 5% ish cpu usage and then slowly raise until it hits 25%ish and the game start felling laggy any know why this is happening? or got clues?
  9. carif

    Happy New Year!

    this season wtb more rank 3 survivors killed ty all
  10. carif

    Glad's montages

    to bad its only pvp servers.
  11. As the title says there will be recruitment to the AG clan soon look for a post the next days. Meanwhile if you cant w8 post your info here and a screenshot of your char list with all chars so we can see who you are. Marry christmas everyone and remember play the game for fun.
  13. Got 111 lockers leave offers here no wispers plx
  14. as title says i can offer anything but game dollers
  15. carif


    +1 to meny snipers in this game
  16. +1 on this there is a clan called noto they run 8+ on ar servers only not funny when they roll in they are bad but numbers kill you.
  17. Im looking for access to a priv server to farm on mostly just zombies and super zombies
  18. carif


    look at the end of this vid ' https://www.twitch.tv/videos/201751415
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