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    Selling GI

    Selling all my Gi in open world for dollars pm your needs and we work a price i got allmost every item in the game. SP66//VSS//AWP//OTS//SVD sold out. Imi tars sold out.
  2. Is the alien super zombie only suppose to drop 1 item? Normal 1 drops 2 and take less bullets to kill.
  3. Army depot name is KEEE HEEEEEE https://youtu.be/vg5tQtVTxUk
  4. good news ty Svena keep it going.
  5. It could work like that with the 50/50 but i just see servers with only clan ppl poping and solo servers with wery low pop. I think you should just leave it as it is and make one 5man Oregon server and 2x 3man dont want to big grps running around allrdy seen to meny 6man+ grps of ppl its not funny and it should never be like this. I know you cant stop ppl doing big grps. But for a guy like me who enjoys the solo play the most its never funny to see 6+ ppl destroying the game. I know its ppl who wants to play together and i know those ppl dont care about the fun for other ppl. But you guys should see this as ppl costing you money seens ppl dont wanna play the game if they get run over by thise big grps in survival.
  6. Next issue Alien super Zombie only drops 1 item and sometimes nothing is this correct? Using 3+ pkm ammo boxes to kill it and it drops 1 item a imi tar fells kinda harsh maybe change it to 2 items like the normal super zombie and maybe add a chance of a 3rd item? So far ive only found 1 alien spawn how meny spawns have you made for it? Loot seems fine most places but places like army depot and some other small mili areas are still way to strong loot wise. Airdrops are fine atm just sometimes theres only 1 item there kinda sucks.
  7. No Oregon Amatilla and Oregon state penitentiary has no zombies at all.
  8. Only thing is Theres NO zombies there so he aint spawning
  9. Im live right now if you wanna se what I mean Carifakavitrup.twitch
  10. still no zombies at armatilla army depot and the Oregon state penitentiary and im might be wrong but alien aint spawning aswell??
  11. sweet and when can we rent privet Oregon servers in survival?
  12. how abour all the missing zombies and alien zombie in survival?
  13. carif


    I need to start streaming to capture this its abit to retarded to die this way
  14. carif


    another thing that's rly stupid the weapon dmg some guns for some reason take away as much health as 1 anti heals basicly heal and then 1 shot hits and dead wtf is op with that?
  15. carif


    so wonder where ppl find all thise snipers cues ive seen none.
  16. and there is a way to make your char have no foot steeps even when running just got killed by a guy who made no sound when sprinting op the tower at the prison zone in Oregon gg.
  17. easy grind think im 2nd on survivors killed atm
  18. Gonna leave this here watch it devs. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/284564294 it says it all about the loot in some places.
  19. Atm the loot on Oregon totally overshines Colorado loot. You need to do something fast about it ppl are getting way to good gear and way to fast. You can fill a mili ruck within 10mins of farming and it will ONLY be with super fat loot. Oh ya and where the fuck is the Alien super zombie and why are some places having NO zombies or super zombies AT ALL?? If you want me to I can record some of the places without zombies but with massive loot.
  20. still aint there. And hallo Vintorez its Vitrup here . Now fix my priv Oregon server on survivel
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