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  1. Can you move the trophy that we won on survival to our Survival GI plx
  2. Still no private v1 survival servers fellsbadman.
  3. should be like that else it would be to easy to kill em.
  4. Its not about the snipers but the rare loot like red stalkers famas l85 sigs tars they spawn way to often. none cares about loot anymore like m16 scars m4 its just empty em and drop em on the ground none cares. This needs to be fixed loot is way to op and sniper are not hard to get your hands in. Like getting snipers from airdrops are rly easy. But getting 1 from a super zombie is hard. Thas how it should be for airdrops aswell.
  5. And we get v1 in survival i hope
  6. carif


    What are the rules for how meny ppl you may be on a server that allow 5ppl to grp but then just have raizels team of 10+ on a server? its totally destroying the game that ppl dont respect the team limits. Can something be done about this plx they are on eu3 in frosty atm.
  7. carif


  9. So devs I think it speaks for it self so can we have v1 or not just 1 server plx. Would be nice for the next season grind
  10. Meny ppl left survival cues its not rly survival anymore its more open world without heavy armors and snipers all over the place. Right now its just AR only server with customs and k-styles as best armors
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTH4Bks8fBk says it all
  12. The map itself would just fit better in the survival theme. Cliff side pvp around citys, old sniper hill in clear was epic. Old smallvile omg i cant say how much i miss smallvile pvp in v1.
  13. carif

    Maps - Survival

    +1 allways loved the v1 more than v2
  14. As much as I love the pvp part of the Survival ill have to agree when it comes to the loot atm, like I dont even care if I lose a custom or a assult rifle, its easy to get a new 1 fast. Some ppl like to rush plll others like to stalk ppl, but right now its just open world v2 and its sad to see where its going atm. If you start Survival freash your gonna lose ppl that allrdy farmed hardened and stuff. If you do this you need to wipe the Gi, but not the chars xp. But what ever you do some ppl will cry and others cheer. Im in for what ever you do but you need to do something before it rly gets Open world v2. Oh yea another thing we need way more zombies and they need to do more dmg so ppl actually care about em.
  15. Read above next time Svena allrdy said its gonna be fixed. Regarding general loot its alot better now, but Rare Assult rifles are spawning to much, right now survival dont rly feels like Survival every gun and armor is just to commom atm.
  16. Regarding crafting it could be fun if some weapons dint spawn but you had to craft em from weapon parts that you can get from weapons you destroy in this way you could craft some rly sick guns or AR´s or even landmines to destroy cars or even players with. Also the custom should not be dropping from SZ or airdrops its the best armor in the game and it should only be craft able same with K-style helmets and nvg.
  17. carif


    Dzemen is glitch ontop of the airplain in the Airport on the Origin map hes on eu9 right now.
  18. Selling gear from Open world or game dollar for survival snipers.
  19. yea only safezone bus stop needs to be removed.
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