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  1. Trade backpack Suggestions Trade backpack Idea #1 adding a trade Backpack with : unlimited slots,unlimited waight. ofcorse this backpac could be only taken to trading server or automaticaly equiped when joining the server #2 moving stacks of guns to the backpak(could be combined withe idea #1) plyers are tired of moving 1 gun at a time imagine trading- 1000 ars with 1 player it requires alot of time.
  2. ahh the old fealing back in 2012 when i was both happy and scared when findinga m4 semi,and the thrill geting it back to safezone, only to get ambushed on the edge of the zone. a full wipe would be good for new players but curent one might stop playing it (me for sure)
  3. Looking nice i hope i wont have to buy the game again if that happens i wont play it for sure.
  4. just download and play it it was always up
  5. yeah been playing countless emulators warz iss and newy but not active for a few months PC problems no money for a GPU. 23 Jun, 2014 Nether - Watcher Gift/Guest Pass 27 Jun, 2014 Infestation: Survivor Stories Gift/Guest Pass 22 Nov, 2016 Remove NewZ Complimentary
  6. just 1 question i already own neather on steam will i have to buy it again if yes i wont be playing it.
  7. Good Good im someone whos in infestation universe well from 2012 and actualy i own nether from the start.
  8. well most f players left the game noone wants to fight a clan of 8 pyers in my case 6 asassins camping spawns on airport
  9. hmm your name looks like same as some noob asassin team camping airport spawn
  10. Add an survival V1 servers without an option to place a code lockers on them.
  11. make a suport ticket
  12. teaming i a hard problem both for br and survival try playing survival agains a group of 5+ players
  13. well the reasone i quit openworld snipers and big ass clans left openworld with 2k snipers and moved on to survival
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