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  1. I am trading for FN57 20 round magazines in survival. Got pain, anti, dx, medkits, rare ammo and attachements, PM me with quantity and your price.
  2. Trading for FN57 20 round magazines.
  3. Don`t you think that Super Z`s should have shorter attack range? Now it can hit you throught the walls or even if you are high up.
  4. Add 20 round magazines for FN57 in survival
  5. I am still waiting for response from Sven or other developer, please make this semi-rare weapon a viable option, whats even more the game already had 20 round magazines,so I dont see the point of survival having civilian 10 round mags..
  6. Will FN57 pistol ever get back 20 round magazine capacity from the original game in survival? 10 Round magazines are only for restricted civilian use,and since we only find them in military bases it makes sense that it would have standart 20 round mags, with 30 round mags maybe as extra,Hope Sven sees to this
  7. UPDATE: same story with military version of FN P90- it can only fire in full auto,cant select single fire,but the civilian version can fire in both modes
  8. Hello, I already had brough this up, but maybe FN57 should only have 20 round magazines in survival? Since it is one of more rare pistols,and 10 round magazines only makes it obsolete and no point to use it. Whats more 20 rnd mags dont even spawn in survival,but are avaible for purchase in open world. Thanks for you time and effort to make game better with each update
  9. Sorry for the late response, No,what i mean is Honey badger can fire both semi AND full auto IRL, but fires ONLY in full auto in the game, not sure if it is design choice or just a bug.
  10. Hey! thanks for addressing FN57 issues,but could you also bring 20 round magazines to survival mode?I mean you can get them in open world marketplace,but cant find in survival.

    Also hope you checked Honey badger bug where it cant fire in single,only full auto,

    thanks again!

  11. Hey, I don`t know if this was intended..but the Honey Badger can only fire in full auto,and not in single fire..I mean it can do that IRL, whats more the switch between auto/single is modeled on the rifle when you inspect it with ''g''.
  12. Hello,I would like to suggest buffing FN57, since is much more rare than most pistols,but it is sitting below jericho and b92 in terms of ammo capacity, standart mag size is 20 rounds,but it is 10 in the survival,needs a buff in my mind..So maybe get rid of those civilian 10 rnd mags and leave it with standart 20 rnds like in open world.10 round mags are made for some civilian use where capacity is restricted,but since gun is only found in military bases it doesint make sense..As right now there is pretty no reason to use it over 9mm.
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