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  1. wow amazing update!!!!
  2. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Thanks for that!
  3. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Wow.. It would be a great Idea in my opinion. Since we already bought Forever Premium. Why should we pay for a Service that we already have for 1/3? Gc and Legendary are the only things we "forever Premium" User would buy. Why should I buy Forever Premium twice? I gain nothing from it "just" the GC and Legendary. Seriously my Idea isnt bad.. Edit: You wrote that pretty mean, never expected something like that from you
  4. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    You are right! 150 would be awesome! Top Price but still I just checked the GC Market.. On the 100 Pack u get Forever Premium and 30000 GC swap the forever Premium to Legendary if you already bought Forever Premium. So it would be a win win Situation. You Guys still have 1/2 days left to make that! I mean Me and my Friend and are Forever Premium but really want to be Legendary! @Sven @Fred @Steve
  5. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    To be Fair I want something like this too, the Point is just, that I already have Forever Premium, could we "Forever Premium" and "VIP" get the Chance of just buying the Legend rank with just half the GC so 35000 for 100 Euro? If that happens I will instandly buy that!
  6. Hello, i really want to finish my Juggernaunt armor and for that I Need to get the Body Piece of the armor. For that u have to kill the Aliensuperzombie. My question is simple, where do I find him? At what time do I do and when do I Need to log out of my Server and when do I have to log back in it? Radioation Zones or just a Special City anywhere?
  7. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Freddy, Keep in mind we still got our trusted rocky Ford map
  8. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Is all good I will arrive home at 17:00 /5 pm, I'm still at work and have to buy some Food and energy Drinks to Play all night with my GF :^)
  9. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Uuuuh! I'm hyped out the assasine mask! Glady I have a private Server to loot as many as I want! Thanks @Sven and the rest of the Dev Team for keeping new upcoming Events for us! :))
  10. Still, maybe you wanna do a Special Event on ur Server and People are trying to get in again after they died in the Event, I dont wanna ban them forever, but I wanna finish the Event without anyone joiníng. So a ban for ~2 hours would be good. Also permanent
  11. Still looking for more People to join my PvE Server! hmu
  12. I think in the next patch today, there will come out an Update, where you can ban People. But @Sven please let us not only perma ban These People, let us ban People for like 1 hour / 2 Hours / 1 day and maybe 1 week. Since People would learn from their mistakes!
  13. Report them ingame, the devs working on it that way faster than they do via the Forum. If you Report These Players ingame, the devs will get all the Infos they Need. All you did rn is just taking a Screenshot, with no time, or knowledge if it is even the real Player. So you better off reporting them ingame. They will be punished. But posting screenshot of many names is kinda hard for the devs to Figur out who that is.
  14. Maybe they looked into it but they didnt had the time answering.
  15. I was in contact with the dev Team, and they helped me. They are busy working at new upcomming updates and other things. You Need to understand that. These are just normal People. Let them Work!
  16. Hello Survivors! I know how hard it can be when you playing alone in survival. Same with if you are new to Survival. You start with nothing, farming is the frist Thing you should do, but how? Other Player could kill you, and if that happens you will lose all ur Stuff.. I allow new Players and People who cannot really defent theirselves to Play on my PVE Server! If you are interessted just PM me or wirte a comment here. I will send you the Password and you can farm all day Long! The Server is empty atm, so it would be the best Idea to give other Players the Chance of using it. It is Free, so use it!
  17. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Great! I buy that 20 € GC Thing there, since I want to get a 30 day Server! for Survival, it is just perfect! Also I really like that Idea with the first Person only! Now it feels like real survival
  18. This has been in the game since the old old WarZ times in 2012, so actually nothing new, I know it isnt nice to load up 1 bullet for the Mossberg and KT, but in the end it is just few secounds that passes. If you pvp with that Thing then good night
  19. If they work and it they could actually make NewZ Survival similar! I would really enjoy it! I never saw a Itembox (like they were there in the old times in Infestation) I know there are some out, but not in the old Spawn Points. In my opinion this Game is the best at the Moment, but you still can improve it! Survival for ever!!!
  20. Sadly nothing new to Survival, but hey Keep the good work up! And whoever I killed yesterday in survival with the blaser, if you reading this. I'm sorry you can have it back!
  21. Hey Sopranno, I might not be a Dev, but yes it is Possible to find Sniper Rifles in Survival. There is a really low Chance of getting one on killing Superzombies. I heard of People getting Snipers from Airdorps, but I never got on in Airdorps, just of killing Superzombies!
  22. I like every Idea! I know this is an old Topic, but please! We Need that haha!
  23. Keymbo

    New Missions

    New Missons Hey Survivors, I was kinda thinking about the Missions and rewards in Survival. You can obtain Survival Mission via the Survival Mission Case that the Superzombie Drops and I really think we Need a new Survival Mission Case. It will be a different Case, so we can still obtain the old Mission Case, but the new one will be market as #2 or 2.0. Here are some Ideas: (Killer) Kill 3 Players. Reward: 2 Stanag 30 and 500 XP Kill 10 Players. Reward: 1 Stanag C-Mag, Imi Tar and 2000 XP Kill 100 Players. Reward 5 Stanag C-Mags, (New Items, maybe a new Gun only obtainable via that Contract) and 15000 XP (Boxing) Kill 20 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 500 XP Kill 100 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: 2500 XP Kill 420 Zombies with ur bare Hands. Reward: (New Meele-Weapon, For example boxing gloves they do 25 damage on Player and 50 on Zombies) (Thrower) Kill 1 Player with a Granade. Reward: 3 Bada Booms and 500 XP Kill 5 Players with Granades. Reward: 5 Bada Booms, 5 Frag. Granades and 2500 XP Kill 10 Players with Granades. Reward: (New MTV/IBA Skin with a Nade coloured design) + 5000 XP (Cash) Collect 1000$. Reward: 500 XP Collect 10000$. Reward: 2500 XP Collect 100000$ Reward: 5000 XP + (New item= Cash glasses) (Explorer) Visit all Citys on the Colorado Map. Reward: 5 Granola Bars, 5 Water, and a new Item mayke like a Explorer Hat) + 1337 XP These are my Ideas, there Mission will take up Time but they will be rewarded! In my opinion good stuff! I hope you will make new Missions to Survival, I mean that would be amazing!!!
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