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  1. I hope they just seek reaction out of it. And I hope they only wipe Snipers, since they should be much rarer then. People who paid for private server should only get wiped their snipers. Not their Inv.. Why would you delete History of a Players char? I killed players zombies and gained XP, People took Days off just to play NewZ SV all night. And all you do is: yeah, lets delete char xd I need my Char. I dont want to create a new one. I dont want to farm my Skill Tree again. I have that Kruger Survival Skin, so I was there before the offical release and still active. And you guys just dont give a **** Sure new People would come, but is it worth it for all the money sv player spend? No. Is it worth it for just you guys? Yes/No Your + Sites: Highest survival peak on realease Date, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$€€€€€€€€€€€€ Your - Sites: Some OG Players leaving, many sad People, Potential Money going to get lost because of the older Players who used to play sv and buy monthly or even weekly, alot of hate.. I'm pretty angry about this Situation, and with just a skin and a char skin, you cannot replace 100+ or 1000+ of $/€ and Time people spend on SV You probably read that and you probably will discuss that. And I hope something will change, I just have fucking 12000 GC on my Account renew my Private Server, and u just hit me like this. YOu made a fucking GC Sale, so People buy Gc and luckly for me that I waited a little before I renew my Server. Because I would have lost 25€ right there. And that stupid Tip thing for the service? WTF????????????? Yeah, here 50% TIP for ruin the only Gamemode I'm loving! Oh, what? You will delete all the things I just spend money on yesterday? Oh no problem, we get a skin bois, lets go.. I hope you guys just troll us. Please! Dont delete everything from us
  2. Nice, all my money got scammed now. I pay for a private Server to loot and u guys wipe everthing. Oh no problem the hundrets of dollar are going to replaced with a Not tradeable skin.. All the GC I bought for getting sv items were just a waste. All the skins I traded for snipes were just waste
  3. This is not a joke. Rip all the money i spent in the Game. All the GC i bought for skins to trade in sv items. Rip my money. Worst Idea ever.
  4. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Wow.. It would be a great Idea in my opinion. Since we already bought Forever Premium. Why should we pay for a Service that we already have for 1/3? Gc and Legendary are the only things we "forever Premium" User would buy. Why should I buy Forever Premium twice? I gain nothing from it "just" the GC and Legendary. Seriously my Idea isnt bad.. Edit: You wrote that pretty mean, never expected something like that from you
  5. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    You are right! 150 would be awesome! Top Price but still I just checked the GC Market.. On the 100 Pack u get Forever Premium and 30000 GC swap the forever Premium to Legendary if you already bought Forever Premium. So it would be a win win Situation. You Guys still have 1/2 days left to make that! I mean Me and my Friend and are Forever Premium but really want to be Legendary! @Sven @Fred @Steve
  6. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    To be Fair I want something like this too, the Point is just, that I already have Forever Premium, could we "Forever Premium" and "VIP" get the Chance of just buying the Legend rank with just half the GC so 35000 for 100 Euro? If that happens I will instandly buy that!
  7. Hello, i really want to finish my Juggernaunt armor and for that I Need to get the Body Piece of the armor. For that u have to kill the Aliensuperzombie. My question is simple, where do I find him? At what time do I do and when do I Need to log out of my Server and when do I have to log back in it? Radioation Zones or just a Special City anywhere?
  8. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Freddy, Keep in mind we still got our trusted rocky Ford map
  9. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Is all good I will arrive home at 17:00 /5 pm, I'm still at work and have to buy some Food and energy Drinks to Play all night with my GF :^)
  10. Keymbo

    Weekend Event!

    Uuuuh! I'm hyped out the assasine mask! Glady I have a private Server to loot as many as I want! Thanks @Sven and the rest of the Dev Team for keeping new upcoming Events for us! :))
  11. Still, maybe you wanna do a Special Event on ur Server and People are trying to get in again after they died in the Event, I dont wanna ban them forever, but I wanna finish the Event without anyone joiníng. So a ban for ~2 hours would be good. Also permanent
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