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  1. I just feel a little jebaited whenever I get into a gunfight and have to heal up with a bunch of soup afterwards
  2. Literally everywhere, I'll go back and highlight some of the stream vods to showcase it. I tend to stream alot of BR
  3. No absolutely, I know how much time it takes to push something out and feel confident about it. Take your time, I'm confident you'll get it right.
  4. Get your team signed up bro! We're goin in
  5. We are extremely excited to announce week one of the ZK Racing Series. What is it: The ZK Racing Series is a weekly event that pits teams of 3 (racing crews) against eachother in an ironman racing tournament. The tournament will consist of (3) rounds. Round One: ZK Bus Cross Country Qualifiers It's simple. You race from one end of the map to the other end. Your teammates ride with you and are responsible for repairing, refueling and protecting your bus in case you come across a horde of zombies. The TOP 5 teams advance to Round 2. Round Two: Humvee Circuit Semi Finals The top 5 teams from Round 1 will race their humvee around a pre designated track for (3) laps. Your teamates will ride with you and are responsible for refueling/repairing your humvee, as well as navigating and keeping your team on the track. The Top 2 finishers advance to Round 3. Round Three: Buggy Drag Race Head to Head action. The 3rd and final round will consist of a drag race. Straight line, Straight skill. The winning team will be crowned week one champion and will recieve 2m GD each. The prize pool totaling 6m, for the winning team. Do you think you have what it takes to be a ZK Racing Series Champion? To Register your team, Please reply to this topic using the following format: The event will be held Saturday, October 28th at aproximately 9pm EDT. See you on the track, survivor.
  6. Hey everyone, it's going down tonight. For details on how to participate please visit this discord link: https://discord.gg/BSevfcU Winner of the event will receive a $20 Steam Gift Card and access to our private server for 7 days. Good Luck, Have fun. Let's do this.
  7. pogchamp Capture the Flag would add so much to the pacing and speed of competitive play. I'm excited
  8. There is nothing in the game that you can't obtain with GD. Hell, you can even rent a slot in someones's private server for GD
  9. I think he was asking why there was so much soup and pasta spawning in the Battle Royale mode
  10. I can confirm they drop on private servers, found one yesterday just setting in the grass on colorado in a private server
  11. Thanks for the reply Sven, Kaz and I have been speaking for a bit, tbh he was probably expecting this post
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