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  1. I created a support ticket this is the info - can't complete mission 4 - [Game Issue] #100351
  2. I just finished mission 3, i'm now on mission 4 where it says kill 500 zombies with the stick club of disaster, I have the rings, and the pins but for some reason I don't have the stick club, I looked everywhere in my inventory and my vault, every slot, I can't find the stick club, so I can't craft it and finish mission 4, how do I find the club? I can't repeat mission 1 its already complete and I can't imagine myself throwing the club away so something weird happened, can someone please help me in what to do I have spent many hours ( days ) completing these missions, I want to complete 4 also but I don't have the stick club, what do I do? edit: // I really hope I don't have to create a new character and complete mission one to get the club - that can't be the only work around, please tell me there is another option to get it
  3. I sent you a personal message about this, but this topic is still active, I'd like to pay someone for a spot in their server, just post here or contact me about pricing, thank you
  4. Thank you I got side tracked yesterday and forgot to post back here, your suggestion worked for me, I followed all your steps, and it fixed my issue and I played the game just fine, so thank you
  5. I am trying to reach my goal of all characters having full skill tree I could care less about items, and that is also why i'm PAYING to be able to do this, please don't spam my topic, if you have a server you'd like to rent me a spot in, great, if you don't please don't post here, lets keep it clean, thank you.
  6. Will this also fix the contract system? I am noticing some don't work, like the kill 3 super zombies it just stays at 0/3 no matter how many you kill.
  7. I notice a few topics about people renting their server for game dollars or items, but they haven't been in here like 5 months, I am looking for someone to rent me a spot in their private server, I will pay game dollars, or game items, name your price, contact me as soon as possible, I am going to be active every day from now until further notice, thank you.
  8. I would like to rent this please as soon as possible I currently have 2.4 million game game dollars contact me
  9. so I don't know how to fix this, can someone please help me, I'd like to play the game, this is the first issue I have had in many months - https://imgur.com/a/pVk6WvW
  10. error with screen shot please help - https://imgur.com/a/pVk6WvW

  11. as far as I can see there is no way to get on top of the fence, standing on a locker and jumping on the top of a shield still isn't high enough, it would be perfect if the " item " was actually ON the fence but it's resting too high above it to get it, I seen the item change from the santa bag to a winter skinbox and an autumn skinbox and can't reach all 3
  12. the item has now changed to a winter skinbox and I still can't reach it, I even tried to stand on a shield since the locker did not work, the item is just too high, was this done on purpose? the location is at the ridgeway airport the fence in the middle of the airstrip between the two helicopters, pretty much right in front of the christmas tree
  13. so I was at the airport and seen this bag on the fence, I couldn't reach it so I even placed down a locker and stood on it and still couldn't reach it, not sure if it's designed to tease players or a simple misplacement but thought i'd mention it, have screen shot to show what I mean https://imgur.com/m4uHlcz
  14. Svd - 40 Svd (20) - 55 .308 - 45 .50 - 30 .50 (10) - 20 Vss - 85 Vss (20) - 20 .338 - 125 Stanag C-Mag (Elite ) - 50 Stanag C-Mag - 140 Looking to sell all this ammo, looking for fair prices ( I only want game dollars not other trades ) Thank you.
  15. yes I understand I can do that for 30 days I knew that before making the topic I was just curious if I can have deluxe or extreme for forever at one price not just 30 days
  16. thank you, that was my question, I know I have premium for forever but I was curious if I can have deluxe or extreme for forever not just 30 days, but I guess there's no option for it now, thank you
  17. Hello all, ages ago I bought a forever premium account, I'm am curious about upgrading my account to either deluxe or extreme but when I try to do it through the game it seems I can only do it for 30 days with either 2500 gc or 6000 gc is there no " deluxe forever " or " extreme forever " option? I understand my premium is forever but what if I want to upgrade to deluxe forever is that even possible?
  18. found this floating tree near springer ridge trailer park I tried to circle it with red hope the screen shot came out ok to see it clearly https://imgur.com/SeD0hS4
  19. Hello again, I'm curious if you rent a server for 30 days and put a couple of lockers and gi lockers on said server and the time runs out and you rent the server again a few days later do you lose your lockers I'm not sure how this works, once the server is gone is everything deleted?
  20. Thank you for this information, I had no idea the pkm does more, somehow I just assumed the m249, pkm and rpk did the same amount I never really looked at the numbers before, I guess i'll just use the pkm from now on to save on some ammo
  21. so from what i'm reading here, there's no damage increase but is there LESS bullet spread or ZERO bullet spread I'm not entirely sure 100% on how this works, some how I thought that the yellow elite ammo gave more damage but if it's less spread can someone confirm if its LESS spread or ZERO spread I don't know how the math works out on them would love to know
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