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  1. They're not shooting down the shield. When I die, the shield is there, undamaged. I'm on NA servers, but why am I getting rekt for their lag? Shouldn't the servers compensate in favor of the person with lower ping?
  2. Constantly getting shot by players AFTER I've placed a riot shield and crouched behind it. For example, I'll be pushing someone who is behind cover, I run a bit, place a shield, and crouch behind it, then they shoot and kill me like the shield isn't even there. This never used to happen when I played before. What changed that's causing it, and what is being done to fix it?
  3. When do airdrops usually happen? All day, or it's just easier to get them at night when no one is on?
  4. Hey everyone, haven't played in a while. Is it worth it to farm super zombies anymore? Where is the best place to find snipers? Thanks!
  5. Hey y'all, I'm a longtime player returning after the old sniper wipe (pre-Steam release) looking for a clan. Here's something I filled out: -Are you over 18? Yes -Do you have a Decent GI? Yes -Do you agree with who gets the kill gets the loot? Yes -If a member of your group dies, will you steal his gear? No -How much rep do you have? Used to have tens of thousands before the wipe, now maybe 2k total (haven't played much) -Do you have a microphone? Yes -Can you speak decent English? Yes -On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your skill level (1 Being the lowest 10 being the highest) I used to play with one of the best clans, Anarchy Gaming, back before NewZ went official. Was probably an 8/10 back then. Now I haven't played in a while and I'm looking to get my mojo back with a crew. I'd say I'm a 6/10 now.
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