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  1. i know people love sniping in this game but the original iss was the best hardly ran in to a sniper and when you did you was scared from losing your gear and etc but when you killed him it was so rewarding now newz is 20+ people playing together in a server all with snipers hold in the town once your spawn prot has gone your dead because you have all of the looking right at you and you can say how long you been here 2 years i have played several emulators before newz played about 4k hours in classic ISS saying you have played 2 years of the game and think what you think works there is a big part of the community that want that i would like but it wont happen because kids that play just want to snipe and snipe get boring i dont always want to snipe dont always want to ar but when you got in a server thats ar and sniper you get killed once spawn prot has gone the hole game needs fixing but in my past experience trying to talk to the dev and posting trying to get changes they dont listen that just my honest opinion they need to have a straw poll or something.
  2. yeah your right but thats what i mean thats boring like iss you used to have to flank and stuff and when you did you was gutted and punished and on that when you die you don't really care or feel punished and when you get a sniper its not rewarding like it was in iss
  3. i dont want to just play sniper all the time gets boring
  4. Yeah but the guns are crap if they made sigs and tars easy to get to be better and anti painkiller and green bandages easy to get as well
  5. Any chance there can be something happen to the snipers so annoying every server you go everyone has one and like to fight against snipers with AR, AR only server just get to boring so can you make the pvp like ISS was snipers rare so its more rewarding killing someone that has one than just getting killed in the head once your spawn prot as gone yeah you might just say go play survival i would but i would like SIG Tar to be easy to get snipers to be rare have nightstalker rare and the custom made guns rare as well meds one survival are so bad find anti is really rare when it shouldn't just have DX medkits rare everything else common but you don't so not going to play it just have a straw poll or something to have a vote on what to do with snipers i love playing ISS / NEWZ i like how the pvp is just dont like have the snipers are everywhere you go
  6. Rate your skill level from 1-10: 7 Rate your G.I from 1-10: 9 Country: UK Age: 19 Real life name: George Teamspeak 3 and mic: yes How many hours do you play daily? alot How long have you played the game? Since Warz got released Why do you want to join whc1? i want to play with people and find new players to play with Anything else you want me or us to know? No
  7. I have applied and i also play PUBG too (Y)
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