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  1. Clan tag: UŒADRegion: RUClan Leader's Discord: Lesha#7747
  2. Team name/tag. You dead bruhh [UŒAD] County: Russia 1.Betrayed 2.Matrix 3.Acker 4.Alen 5.denis Contact me discord Lesha#7747
  3. CHARACTER NAME:l e s h a Screenshot 1 : Screenshot 2 : Screenshot 3 : Screenshot 4 : Screenshot 5 :
  4. GENERAL INFO: TEAM (or team name): яmкф REGION: Europe COUNTRY: poland TEAM CONTACT INFO: Lesha#7747 https://discord.gg/vmFMEcC PLAYERS: Player 1: MADMAN Player 2:PANДА Player 3:LESHA Player 4:HRIUSA Player 5:ALLUN2K (petyok,mark,trash)
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