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  1. As title say. 25 antibiotic for 20 PKM/M249 amo box.
  2. I can use Camo KSTYLE NVG / Camo Custom but i can't use my backpack camo style. When i try to set a skin, i got a message telling i haven't skin for this. Any idea why ?
  3. i played others game where aimbot was legion, H1Z1 for example, and i ve used myself aimbot/ESP in these game. I was doing this trick not to be caugh on vidéo. it's not a theory, it's real, i ve played in one of the most important group in H1Z1 and everyone (in this group) was playing aimbot/ESP like this, we even used to be killed by famous legit hidden player (streamer mostly) to be less suspicious. I ve checked all cheat/hack/forum even on Tor and didn't found nothing about your game (except some part of useless code). i ve never met a single cheater in game. This game is the safest game i ve played since long time and it's why i love it !
  4. FN night & red can be found only by killing super zombie
  5. Warlouk


    IRL i m doing target shooting. I got a shootgun at home and use to shoot with slug. Slug are made to shoot from 20 to 70 meters. Should be nice to get some of them in game
  6. i go a similar bug when i keep ctrl button during loading. My character appear in the sky, i didn't die but i can't do nothing and i have to leave & reload. It's happening only when i stay pushing CTRL during the whole loading.
  7. Depend if you are looking for "fair fight" or just hunting farmer. For fair fight i use to play in frosty / mountain crest / airport. To hunt farmer, i m looking for 10-15 players server and switching character between airport/norad. Also running the map in car is good way to kill farmer.
  8. I agree ! rarity is so fun ! i hope to find a sniper one day and make the game really more interesting.
  9. thanks i agree since i didn't found a single sniper..
  10. Just wondering how much are these ammo (in antibio) SVD 20 clip 308 ammo 338 ammo Thanks
  11. not really nice, but usually, i don't like french too Edit : as u can see, i m pure patriot
  12. Seriously building will only bring negative things. I ve played many survival game and building bring only power to the most active player and unbalance the game. Since i m over 30yo, i play "just" 3-5 hours each day. When i was younger, we played 3 people on the same account (from different country) to farm 24H each day (8 hour for each player) to make a huge stuff and farm real money. Also because we had a dominant position on a game that favored big players. By allowing building, you risk to increase the gap between players, and maybe even increasing the IRL blackmarket that exist on some forum that i would not mention. But for real PGM, i understand your point of view !! Anyway, i m playing since something like a month, and i want to thanks the developper (but also the old players, without them, no game! / and also the forum team member) for the game as it is currently, both open & survival world, the game is safe from cheaters, well balanced, really one of the game i enjoyed the most over last 3 years. Finally, i apologize for my limited vocabulary ! Enjoy, Peace (not in game) & Have fun
  13. As title say. Looking for french/canadian/belgian players for team PVP/farming
  14. Warlouk


    Mosin nagant are easy to find in farm
  15. In event announcement : https://playnewz.com/getpost.php?id=2079 " This event will end at the end of "Halloween Week" which is at the end of Sunday, October 5, 2017. " Probably 5 november
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