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  1. Team name: CatZ Team tag: CatZ Player names (4+1): Rotekatze, SoHigh, S4mmyx, God of Iss, Crawnn Country: GERMANY Leader contact: Rotekatze#4142
  2. Next time read the rules and accept them or dont participate in his cup. Also its a shame that u guys have to call him a racist now and that only because u guys cant read the rules
  3. I was watching the whole game and all i can say is that gandalf made the right decisions. It was 1/1, Gandalf wrote the socre in the ingame chat and nobody of the gods team were complaining so im wondering now why you guys starting a topic. The score of 2/2 is right.
  4. +1 Please add the competitive mode asap. We all waiting for it!
  5. As the title says im looking for a Team where i can play for in the super cup! My IGN is Y Z GO. I think i dont need to post more information cuz the people who play on rocky know me
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