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    I just think the number of snipers on the market is strange. There are many to sell for the number of players that exist in the game. They could check the listings to see if they can't find someone duplicating items.
  2. JKS

    Riots IG

    Turn all riots to basic riot and make skins from there. This fix the different riots in global inventory.
  3. Well, you can shoot an enemy if he are close the wall or riot. The game have a loot off problems with wood walls and ping.
  4. JKS

    Maps - Open World

    Can you delete this mist to make the vision better in low day light?
  5. New game mode, competitive program macro. The best cheater wins. You need to enter in game and do somethink. Is impossible to play legit.
  6. JKS

    AR Rework

    It doesn't make a difference anymore. Now all players use imitar. All others AR are garbage. Good job ¬¬
  7. JKS

    AR Rework

    They could at least correct the status. VSS have more damage (7.62*51) vs (9*39).
  8. JKS

    AR Rework

    FN FALL should be atach; Forward Grip AR barrel AR Stock Bullet compensator Rifle laser
  9. JKS

    AR Rework

    FN Fall should be have more Damage. The recoil is higth and we can't put a grip. Vss Compact should be atach a silencer.
  10. Can you make a demo for frame rate test ? We can set more efficiently the hardware spects (low-high) and shure the impact in the changes every test.
  11. This will make players leave the trade and go to the pvp servers, in addition to releasing the inventories. If someone had this idea before...
  12. Qual a configuração da sua máquina?
  13. I see as a big waste something that for me was like the first SZ in the old War Z, where ammunition was limited and killing one was very difficult with stanag 30 (at the time it was necessary to use shotgun). I think about the "secret room". Why they not make a especial map with especial zombies and itens and the way to go for it is entering in the secret spot and teleport to this map. Use oregon parts to do that. The cars system works for me in roads. Out of cities the car accelerate all the time because the wheels don't touch the ground. Makes sense, but the velocity decrease in ar like a "brake" push button. And if you move the car in axes you need push the button 2 times to work.
  14. For me the SZ, alien, toxic, slicer, +++, should be ultimate boss, and you have to get a team or a great strategy to kill one off this. And if that is applied the loot should be greatly increased. For now I can kill a slicer using antibiotics and PKM, in the floor. Is to easy. Make the SZ common at slicer life bar and up the anothers at scale. Increase damage from this monsters. Make dificult to kill to the great loot makes more sense.
  15. IF they set time to use meds, riot, more fast explsion granade, more slow shot at sniper (especialy VSS ), fix render and make the stanamina consume more faster, maybe is a good idea. But they not fixed nothing off this, just increase the speed.
  16. Remove that speed from the character. It looks like I'm using cheat with this crap. Everyone who voted for the increase, thanks for destroy another part off game.
  17. JKS

    Premium servers

    No. Buy a private server.
  18. 2)* Alien die after 04:00 if you not make some damage on him.
  19. There are a few points; 1. Problems persist and / or return after some time 2. The game was abandoned and apparently everything that is being done is not something innovative, just the obvious for improvements. It seems to me that the "nether, the chapter that nobody cares about" took precious time from new z. 3. Errors are commonly attributed to the player's PC and only corrected when there is no denying it at the request of the entire community. 4. if you have relevance in the game as a sreamer or youtuber your stupid idea will be taken seriously and developed. For now I have not retaken the tests (since I have not received any response) at the same time that I enter the discord and see players asking for double GD being answered immediately.
  20. Zombie have no effect if you have a lot off zombies around you www.youtube.com/watch?v=waUyrpdF01I Get out car in below the ground www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnCWWO9FhNw
  21. Some drops in FPS and zombies stopped in open field.Riot shield don't work sometimes (bullets cross the shield ). Did you change the sniper bullet drop sheet?
  22. Some of this places I remember to see in my private server, but now playing in OW this was fixed (maybe). They fix the OW but not the Private servers, I guess...
  23. Is this in private server?
  24. Maybe chose your respaw? 3 options at 500m dead?
  25. They tried it some time a go. Clans create a new clan and play together. And the problem in pvp not is the number of enemies, is your second point; This is the real problem. The time to revive is to fast and you can't respawn in another place. If you put 2 min respawn and a choise to respaw you solve all the problem. This make the game die. But you have a simple optiom to solve the "snipers jumper fest". Make the sniper more realist, heavy and slow reload. All games make the sniper move more slow than when uses rifles or SMG guns. Why in the new z you can jump and shot with a .50? And take out the ammo in marketplace. This force the players to save ammo and make the blackmarket work with sniper ammo again. The blackmarket sell only itens out off marketplace. Skins and guns. Do this and rare rifle snipers make the economy functional again.
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