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  1. JKS

    Weekend Event!

    I did not remember that the map had so many tragic limitations. They could reduce the red blocks and improve the climb in the mountains. Not quite a complaint about the event, but as the BR map only appears from time to time I could remember this problem now. Another point is the old known to everyone, groups larger than 2 players playing together. A camera to track who killed you or even be able to rotate it after death like in OW would make it easier to record evidence. The rest of the event can not opine why at the moment only play BR.
  2. https://twitter.com/fredaikis no registred your ban. Maybe you have problems to login
  3. Thai players have priority in game.
  4. Poderiam fixar em tutoriais ou algo do tipo. É muito comum problemas com áudio nesse "sistema operacional" e vários deles se resolvem ali também. Outra dica é abandonar o windows 10 e usar o 7 em UEFI. Windows 10 é o sistema mais instável que vi até hoje. Parece um livro de colorir e cada tela de atualização é um sofrimento pra descobrir o que resolveram estragar.
  5. I am thailand look at me and anwser this topic
  6. We have a new M249 too. I like to see in OW this weapons, but the stats are wrong. This topic talk about some fix to make weapons more useful in game.
  7. " I stayed a week crying for support release my account "
  8. In my opinion nether is a dead game with no possibility of being reborn. All the time wasted on this game is another step towards the end of New Z.
  9. And items are consumed quickly. I use AR rifle in PVP and although I collect more snipers, I lose many rifles in the process. If they were rare I think an average player would lose 50 pieces a week playing about 3 hours a day. It's interesting that collecting items from players you've killed is attractive again. Today the dropped loot is ignored.
  10. I not sure what I have to do. Increase "TERRAIN QUALITY" or you increase in all game? If you can make an official post to show the options in game to get more FPS or best quality and no lose "vision" in game. If you set some stats to high some players desapear in grass.
  11. JKS

    Loot - Open World

    One more point. If I enter in trading lounge to buy one FN Fall or Scar H no ones have to selll. Why? If the SZ drop one sniper and 3 FN Fall, the player whos has killed the SZ take the sniper and kill another SZ because the FN Fall/Scar is usuless in PVP.
  12. JKS

    Loot - Open World

    You say that, but the game now have heavy armor in all places. If I search for a light armor in WOW I can't find ONE. Also if I can find a MTV to test my new camo skin I can't find ONE to apply. You will change this aspect? And we have a lot of problens with item stats. The new M249 is overpower than FN Fall. Spread 1 and 37 damage? FN Fall should be this stats.
  13. The shots hit in nowere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xu2WumHVKA
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