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  1. They already do this. Med and riot macro don't make anyone banned. Even the shot macro don't get ban anymore. See the Vlasik player don't get banned permantly and he make a video with macro tutorial . This 80-85% of player already leave the game. See this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QabEGvmP8EI&start=278 Have 5 day ban and he are on stream now. https://www.twitch.tv/vlasik_rus "Do you know how many players gonna leave the game if this happen???" Yea, I know.
  2. Was considered time a go, but they change the rules because a lot off people like to use this macro. They can't block macro, but they can put a "time to use" in meds or riots. If you have macro don't make diference if you need to wait 1 or 2 seconds to get some efect. Also, maybe the macro makes the use a problem because if the macro are used you need to wait. For me the med must to be use even if you have a full healt.
  3. ok. Just stop changes in the AR all the time. When you just listen the "community" the game is sniper jump duels with med/riot macro and campers. If the game you want is this... Just no change AR stats again and don't make another "arcade" event in BR. It's the last game mode I'm playing. Don't destroy this mode to.
  4. No helmet should be one shot. With a helmet the bullet should not cause any damage. That's how it works in the real world. In the game you take damage even while wearing a steel helmet. I know, "it's a game", and I say, "Well, snipers have more weight and you can't run or jump and immediately shot." I was referring more to the weight of weapons than to damage. In any other game snipers are difficult to use due to their weight or the difficulty of shooting at short distances. Game damage should be focused on protective helmets and vests. If you don't have any armor or helmet, one rifle shot in chest sould be deadly. If the character life is 100 and helmet increase that for "120%" (100 +20%) , maybe the game have more options if the life is "50" and the helmet have more 70 off defence. So, if you have a .22 and the enemy don't have a helmet you need maybe 2 or 3 shot's to kill. If he have a good helmet you will need 8 or more bullets to kill. I don't make the math, but maybe you can understand. It will make a lot off diference in guns status and the armors use. I understand if you can't do it or if you just don't. thx for your time.
  5. Well, snipers have more weight and you can't run or jump and immediately shot. Why not make the snipers more "naturally" in this game? I stopped playing arcade because of simple reasons; Pvp only of snipers with players shooting and swirling. Macro of riot and cure make the game look less realistic. Maybe (and this is my opinion) if we have a more realistic guns in game we have more fun.
  6. what is ads? Mouse sensibility?
  7. JKS

    Wipe on arcade

    I say that because in some foruns when the discussion goes to nowere the topic is closed. Not erased, just closed. No makes diference send new ideias or make base statistics for ARs. They will ignore and ignore again. The best solution for me is just stop to play this other game modes and play BR. And I 'am loking for a new game to get my time. Maybe some game with identify. This game just copy another games idea or change all economic table every week. Is boring get a item some day and 12:01PM everyone has the same item dropping in zombies. This is one of the only games where I see the community asking for facilities all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if they removed zombies from the BR mode very soon.
  8. Yea. Some of them even got excited about a new beginning, but without changes in the drop it just seemed that the idea was to force everyone to spend again with the game. Most stopped playing.
  9. They go out because we have a wipe. No one's will play survivor from zero again to get wipe and loss all the time played. They kill surviver with arcade stuff.
  10. -treasure hunt by map item -Zombie who flees the map and only dies after being shot several times -City with twice as many zombies -Hordes of zombies circling the map. -Car racing -Wars with specific awards -Fix the sniper mechanics (it's not an event, but they could do it) I gave similar or identical ideas to this one and I didn't even get a negative one. These events are only copies of other games.
  11. Nice game. Nice work. Thanks for everyone involved. Maybe a respaw problem man. I don't now. the game is strange after the updates.
  12. JKS

    Wipe on arcade

    You can close this topic. I stoped to play arcade and surviver. I play only BR now and now the BR have snipers. Why all game modes are the same arcade mode? You put snipers in all game and destroy AR stats. Why?
  13. You can put it on game to make other items.
  14. All problem is; 1. You can put in low the game settings and see all the terrain 2. Potato players can't play in 60+ if you put all in hight. The arcade mode and surviver maybe need a diferent textura settings.
  15. Have but the player get ban for 24h and that's it.
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