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  1. newz's discord/regional_cups_information https://discord.gg/CEpfqj
  2. Complete any mission: 10 XP. Contest a clan point: 18 XP. Call in an airdrop: 25 XP. Open an airdrop in Battle Royale: 5 XP. Kill a Slicer: 25 XP. Kill an Alien Super Zombie: 15 XP. Kill a Toxic Super Zombie: 12 XP. Kill a Super Zombie: 8 XP. Learn any skin: 1 XP. Play a Competitive game: 25 XP. Every Battle Royale minute played: 5 XP. Kill a player: 5 XP. Kill a zombie: 1 XP.
  3. As K00L said, airport. If you kill most zombies at the airport you'll get around 700 to 800 xp
  4. Airport's room is in one of those 2 story containers and Rio's room is under the highway, right in the middle of the city
  5. Common rooms are at Olympia and Newport Rare rooms are at Airport and Rio You should join their discord channel - https://discord.com/invite/thenewz
  6. Superzombie, Toxic Superzombie, Airdrops and probably from new slicer zombie. The easiest way to get a sniper in Survival Mode is to farm $ in open world and buy them from survival players.
  7. Try their discord, there's a "clan recruitment" tab you can check out. Nobody uses these forums anymore
  8. They should do a new standalone game and release it on steam just like they're doing with battle royale, with everything fixed. That way they don't have to wipe anything. Same for survival, or they can even merge survival with open world, to become as close to warz as we knew and loved. Make it happen
  9. That's not allowed. Use their discord for quick trades
  10. I killed around 100 sz's this week, the loot you got, that's all i got from those 100. There's no sense of rarity in this game. The whole survival mode has to be redone.. no fun at all
  11. click M, go for small towns, roadblocks and barns. Btw, these forums are dead, I'd recommend you to use their discord, you'll find help much quicker. https://discordapp.com/invite/thenewz Btw, you can use my tutorial but it might be outdated..
  12. Open world - More populated - High loot - More servers - More pvp - Easy trading - Trading Lounge - Pick up cars, you can stash them in your inventory - Earn cash by killing zombies - High sniper drop rate - Teleport where you want - Use open world loot on pvp servers - Stash loot anywhere you want, all you have to do is log out or use a GI access locker. This mode is what newz is known for. Ez loot, chaotic pvp. Get onto a 10 men team, or else you won't succeed. If you're new to the game, expect dying to snipers over and over again. Survival - Low pop - Rare loot - Less servers - Less pvp - Extremely low sniper drop rate - More zombies - Base Building - No marketplace - No car pick up - No teleport between towns, only between safe zones - No currency - No trading lounge - No loging out and stashing loot in your inventory, you have to use a safe zone to deposit loot. Basically if you like to kill zombies and ocasionally pvp without having to deal with snipers, this is the mode for you.
  13. Open the game, choose either open world or survival mode, click PLAY top right corner, click private servers. Once you're there make sure to tick PVE and untick "password protected"
  14. Check private servers, you'll find pve servers.
  15. 1 - Not possible to craft food. 2 - Once the infection gets to high % you'll start losing health until you die. But health goes down relatively slow, so you'll have time to cure.
  16. Am I missing something? I've literally got a sniper after killing 600 super zombies. Where do ppl get them?
  17. I say take down survival and bring back classic infestation
  18. Hi @Sven I come back to newz from time to time to check the progress of the game. Last time I played on survival mode, there were weapons on every corner, 10 servers on each region, no base building. Do devs even play on this mode? I mean, even a little to see if the game is fun to play.. It's hard for me to understand how things come to this.. what's the point of base building and clan territory? How come I get HIV every 3/4th hit from zombies? Why there's no loot spawning in 90% of the map? Do I still need to kill 1k super zombies go get a sniper? 10 mili backpacks, 1k cloth, 250 leather to craft a single hunter backpack (that has the same slots as a mili bp) ? Do you even think about this before making it happen? I mean, how much a person has to play to craft a single hunter backpack? 50 hours? 100? It's outrageous. You've come a long way, your game is pretty optimized. And yet you guys have these poor decisions. I don't understand.. Would it be too hard to make a well balanced game? I have posted this before, devs even respond to me, but as always my ideas got ignored/not implemented. - Balanced loot. Not extreme nor too much of it, and make sure to spread the loot throughout the whole map. - Make loot randomized, so players can actually farm on every part of the map instead doing airport over and over again. - More servers. - Add currency. - Balance the crafting system and expand it. - Add a trading outpost. - Add vending machines. - Get rid of base building and clan territory. - Get rid of mining, this is newz not rust. And please balance out the probability to get a virus, it's ridiculous.
  19. rdk.

    Back to basics.

    All they have to do is copy paste ISS' game where Hammerpoint has left off when they shut down the game. That alone would be much better than newz's survival mode.
  20. rdk.

    Electronic Store

    I posted this a while ago Don't bother mate, I don't think they care enough to listen, specially now that game's pop is dying out completely
  21. In my opinion, what's missing in this game is nostalgia. Good ole' classic iss. Infestation was great back then, people left and the game was shut down because of cheaters they couldn't handle. Now imagine that game with fred's anti cheat, yeah sounds amazing right? Trading, balanced loot and game economy, fair pvp and an element of surprise, that's what makes a great game. I remember when there were 100 servers, you'd jump through them looting the airport, norad etc.. find a vss, log out then go to an empty server to run to the a safe zone. And then you'd log in to 001 in blue ridge and trade. Those were the fun times. Trading is HUGE in this game, find a way to make looting fun and consistent. Don't go around changing snipers' drop rates every now and then, be consistent like it once was.
  22. Are you sure you have $ in survival mode? Last time I checked zombies weren't dropping any cash.. You must be talking about open world. And no, there isn't a store in survival mode, at least not yet. You can however, go to newz's discord/survival_trading and trade through there.
  23. Nice, although... "Updated the pistol exchange. You can now exchange 10 B93R for 1 Desert Eagle" When I played survival for 4 to 5 months, I've only managed to find about 5 B93R's lol
  24. rdk.

    For God Sake

    I have asked them that + adding a trading server. They'll come up with some excuse, like "we don't want people to stash loot that way"... like they can't make it so only if you're in the safe zone you're able to join the trade server, simple as that. But hey, maybe once this game gets to 100 daily players you'll care.
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