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  1. Are you sure you have $ in survival mode? Last time I checked zombies weren't dropping any cash.. You must be talking about open world. And no, there isn't a store in survival mode, at least not yet. You can however, go to newz's discord/survival_trading and trade through there.
  2. Nice, although... "Updated the pistol exchange. You can now exchange 10 B93R for 1 Desert Eagle" When I played survival for 4 to 5 months, I've only managed to find about 5 B93R's lol
  3. rdk.

    For God Sake

    I have asked them that + adding a trading server. They'll come up with some excuse, like "we don't want people to stash loot that way"... like they can't make it so only if you're in the safe zone you're able to join the trade server, simple as that. But hey, maybe once this game gets to 100 daily players you'll care.
  4. Go to discord/survival_trading, sell/buy stuff from there, all you have to do is message the seller and ask him when and which safe zone he wants to meet at. Becareful of scammers tho, newz staff isn't responsible for any lost items from trading, when you trade survival items for open world currency/items and vice versa. Someone made a list with current prices if you want to check it out. All credits go to the people who made the list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRTCn4jhNlmUEdNSp38K_ulXgiwVWVPhMWeSAcMXBMdwn58wJQjKCBGB5ul0fN83eF_3_nGnoMf13ce/pubhtml
  5. Wipe everything and bring back old warz (iss, when they shut it down back in 2016), with colorado v1, v2, and cali as maps of choice.
  6. looks fun! Watching the video reminded me of csgo, which is a good thing. I'm excited now!
  7. Eh, apart from begginer's server (which was already in use in open world) is a great idea, I've suggested something similar in the past, the other suggestions might not be as good as you think. Team kill is kinda irrelevant because you're either killed by the person whom you're in group with if tk is on, or killed by his potential friend/s who's out of group. People do that a lot. If they make loot from private servers worse than in official server, ppl simply won't buy them. I don't know if you've heard about the previous official game which this game is based on, called warz. It had 100 servers, and they all had good amount of ppl in them. Meaning, it doesn't matter how many servers there is if the game sucks, servers will be empty. By reducing the servers you're encouraging players to join the same server where top clans are pvp'ing on. It's already hard enough to loot with so few servers, imagine if there were even less. This game mode has already become into open world style of game, why make it a deathmatch? If you could have fun fighting for the loot, instead playing 10vs10 fully geared clearview non stop deathmatch.
  8. You had around 13-14k "new" players playing your game when you released it on steam, where are they now? Do you think new players are interested in outdated game engine, with breaking game bugs like right peeking which never got fixed and destroys pvp in 3rd person view (just one example). Do you think new people will install this game and say "oh what a nice game, I'm really enjoying this!" ? This is my perspective on things. A new player joins an open world server, gets sniped in the face in the first 20 to 30 minutes, he tries again and this time a clan of 10 jumps on him. He gets pissed, goes to pvp servers, same thing, gets crushed in seconds. Turns off the game, tries again next day. Starts the game, goes to battle royale, waits 30 minutes for a match to start just to die in the next 2 minutes. What's left to try? Survival? Joins a random server, gets enough loot to pvp and then goes to the only full server there is which has 3 to 10 people groups camping major cities/places. Do you think that new player will have fun and keep playing this game for much longer? At least you'd have more people playing the game if it was what it used to be + cheater free, which was a dream back then. To get new people to play your game you'd have to make it enjoyable and fair for them, which is a very hard task in newz. Becuase of its player base, too small to make good changes such as ranking (like in csgo), silvers would play with silvers, globals vs globals and when new players get better at the game they auto rank up and end up playing with the rest of good players. There's good options to soften new player's first times playing this game, but requiers larger player base. Other thing I want to point out, have you thought about hiring a professional designer instead making skins and items yourself and your current team? I've seen so much creativity in iss community, it's amazing the things people do, yet you guys design boring/bland skins and items which don't really look good, no offence. And yet, you charge a ton of $ for them. It's not a complain, just a suggestion. I'm pretty sure players would appreciate and perhaps spend more $ than they did until now. Anyways, these are my thoughs. No hate, I want this game to succeed at some point in time. Peace.
  9. No matter how many times we're gonna ask them to revert the survival mode to what warz used to be, they won't do it. They have already said they're not wiping survival, Sven said he liked the idea of a standalone version of survival with rare loot and such but that was it. They acknowledge our posts but ignore them at the same time. Basically, nothing will change. Your best bet is either to play what they have to offer or wait for thai devs to revive infestation world at some point. Other option would be waiting for Sergey to revive warz, but that will never happen. In other words, we're screwed eitherway. People seem to stick to "deathmatch" kind of gameplay, because that's all there is available to them.
  10. @slangstar Very well said! I've been trying to tell them that for months, I don't think they care. As long as they have people playing survival they will be thinking players are content with the current game. I played survival for over 3 months, in the beginning, looted around 2k high tier AR's, 8 snipers, thousands of meds, sold them all and quit. It's really not fun. The ones who still play, are those top clans that go to clearview to pvp 24/7, they play fully geared, die and come back fully geared just to die again, just like in open world.
  11. @Lost on you I agree with you, game needs much more pve aspects. BUT, as everyone has hundreds of each item in the game, besides snipers, the trading economy is completely wrecked. And even if they make loot rarer, players will still have an infinite amount of gear, which is obnoxious. We need balanced and fun to farm loot, exciting trading and much more pve.
  12. @CampersRUs Yeah true story bro.. I haven't played regularly for over 3 months, since they messed survival up. There's nothing else to say really, all we can do is sit and wait for devs to change something. I just don't understand how can they call that survival, at least change the name of the mode to "open world v2" or something, why giving the wrong impression..
  13. the problems is that there's no way for them to get feedback from all the players.. nobody comes to forums, same old people talking in discord, half don't even speak english.. Unless, they make players fill a survey as they start the game, I think that's the way to go and see what happens. Infestation World is right around the corner, you better start moving your ass and prove you can make a good game mode or else consider your game dead. There's almost as many players playing on steam as there were when this game was an emulator.
  14. He used to spawn at Candlers Cabins, on top of the map where the normal super zombie spawns. Colorado V2
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