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  1. can i receive what i lost or not (interrogation) or i have to search agauin (interrogation)
  2. Only a correction, the clothe was twice on my inventory because i bought it in the exactly hour, it was in the first clothe and the normal space for it, now i entered again in the game and noticed that was only one, my fault
  3. I lost 200 gc in this funny element of the game, i bought a christmas clothe (but i dont want it), exactly like the one that is free, only because i clicked in the button right near (really near) of the pass button to the next clothe in the character, i feel unsatisfied with this
  4. My friend i am a very old player and did not receive the skins of mtv and m9 helmets, i had all varieties
  5. I think would be better to have options of inventory change, like optional parcial changes, and a "are you sure to do this" button
  6. oh fuck, I "sorted" my inventory and losse some special items, like camo m9, that are no longer availible, my inventory was already organized by my way, guns with only option of ammo are filled, i an not satisfied, you dev's can i "desorted" my inventory ( INTERROGATION )
  7. do the last skill is used only about firearms or melle and firearms in general ( interrogation )
  8. I want to obtain the "ex military fredaikis legs", how can i do that (interrogation)
  9. This is a silly ideia but i think about and want to post, i know it would very hard to implement because is very Overpowered the idea is: a ultra rare sniper laser that makes sniper shoot hip-fire sorry if i am not too lucid but is just a idea
  10. 1 a IBA Modern Black Skin 2 Black gas mask advanced or skin (MBlack) or a new standalone black gas mask 3 a gas mask for the black m9 helmet
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