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  1. So this is why that site is empty most of the time.
  2. kind of the risk you run if you don't get to a hiding spot to log out isn't it?
  3. I'm always looking for a group to play with add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015589798/
  4. Jester304


    add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015589798/
  5. they are encouraging group play...small groups. I don't see the point of having large groups. I can just picture a large group rolling into a town, unloading 10 people from the bus, wiping it clean and everyone in there and moving along. Not really fun for the rest of us who don't belong to a clan. small groups keep it on a level playing field for newer/newest players.
  6. I've never played open world. I've only just started playing and went straight with survival. It's hard for a week or 2. After that, its been a cake walk. I die, but I'm not hurting about it because I have 50+, except snipers and military ruck, of everything. (the only reason I don't have more guns is because I drop them for ammo to save space to keep farming.)
  7. PM me to discuss what you would like for SVD & Military Ruck I can send a list of what I have to trade.
  8. I'm just new here but I would have to ask is there any proof? never seen a cheater yet myself. Also what would be the point of having the threat of bashing the game? not very polite. I digress, Dev's keep up the hard work.
  9. I have no problem with PVP. Just rather not be running thru a forest and a bus drops off a group of 9 people all in the same clan. I'm sure my character would need a new pair of shorts.
  10. Mostly the threads I keep seeing about clans and wanting larger groups. Thanks for the reply
  11. weapon attachments: So if a weapon has a scope on it, why would that scope still be in your bag taking space? I can see the weight still counting. Air Drops: I don't go for these, most of the time its 1 weapon a common one and some ammo, also common. maybe make them worth it? an off the wall thought I had, I know it would be difficult changing(probably impossible), having random hordes of zombies attacking a safe zone, this would make the zone inaccessible for a short time. Unless you killed them all the doors won't open. might make it a little more difficult to stash gear. Also updating the time alive timer so far its just had how long I've actually played that character, it doesn't reset when I die. I think that would make a really cool goal to have the highest alive time. Don't know why everyone wants PVP I thought the whole goal of this set up was to avoid killing people.
  12. So very newbish question: Do skins actually enhance an item or just give it cool colors?
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