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  1. I already had the idea to rename the current Radiation zones into Toxic zones (I mean come on, a gas mask wont do shit against radiation and the zombies are already called toxic zombies) and add a broken down nuclear power plant with permanent radiation that requires a hazmat suit to survive (similar to rust maybe i guess) but instead of an event I just thought of improved zombies and really good loot.
  2. I might get a lot of hate for this first point but I enjoyed looting in survival a lot more before you added private servers. 2nd, I think keeping V1 and removing all the other maps is the best idea. The fact that you can only stash your items to a Safe Zone and not just by logging out is not even relevant because even on official servers you could just switch maps until you spawn inside / near a safe zone. 3rd, I agree to what KinkyWarren said: Guns like Night Stalker, Red Stalker, Imitar, L85, Famas, Sig 556 etc should be A LOT rarer and military zones only (and get their decay value changed so you actually do damage on 150m but thats another topic) and guns like Masada, M4, M16, M4 Semi and AK74M should be more common, spawning in key locations in big cities (5story campos, heli in boulder etc) and police stations, but obviously have worse stats than the previously mentioned military grade guns. 4th, crafting is pretty useless at the moment. Nobody would spend metal to craft a Wrench or Wood on a Canoe Paddle when finding a Hatchet is just as easy. 5th, bring back old V1 lightning from 2012 (like in the video posted right above) 6th, make NVGs rare. I can't think of a situation where i played survival at night without an NVG because they are just so common. 7th, Superzombies are really easy to kill because there is just so much loot around. Once you kill one, you almost always get enough to kill another one as a drop. This should be changed and 8th, Sniper should spawn on the ground like they used to instead of being found in airdrops. Airdrops should give you other stuff. Edit: and to answer the actual question, I think a partial wipe is the best idea, but instead of just saying we will remove 80% of everyones GI you should do it like this: [EXAMPLE VALUES] If you cut the sniper spawn rate in half, remove 50% of everyones snipers. If you decrease the Sig Sauer spawn / drop rate by 80% then remove 80% of everyones Sig Sauers, etc...
  3. This is the case up to 70 hp
  4. Okay Sven if you're doing this, please add seperate parts for it that you need to loot (like the heavy armor needs) in addition to cloth and leather so people with tons of cloth and leather in their GI wont just be able to craft like 20 of them during the event
  5. If you want to make the FAL, SCAR H and VSS Compact competitive, you definetly should higher the decay on them (150-200m). and for new guns i would suggest a Vector SMG, an ACR, an IMI Galil and either a MSG 90 or a PSG1.
  6. Dont have any screenshots but heres the ones I know: one at the entrance of Castle Pine and Blue Ridge one at the big supermarket parking lot in campos 2 in boulder, one east at the military zone and one in the south-west corner of boulder one north of west boulder meterological station behind the administration building one to the right of the entrance of loco mountain campsite sleepy crest should be one aswell
  7. Sig should get more accurate again, not exactly like about 2 years ago but it's quite useless considering its bad DPM. AK47 and Famas spread should be highered, i remember them being 3.2-3.4 and considering their high damage and high DPM, they should simply be a lot less accurate, lower damage for Famas would also work, just so its 25 or less and not 3shot on the head anymore.
  8. perfect time to come back from prague
  9. Sven asked me to post here how to cause this (already known) problem: When you join any server (with or without fast load, doesn't matter) with certain skinned items in your hand (Blaser Alien, B93R Alien, M4A1 Valentine) and unskin / drop them after, they will still be skinned. (Blaser because of the scope, not the gun itself btw). both should be completely unskinned https://prnt.sc/izn8dm, https://prnt.sc/iznc45
  10. Every map in open world, the complete glow seems to be missing whereas other lightswords were glowing
  11. The new green light swords (twin & curved) are not glowing and btw, please dont make them look like the standard green light sword, the new green is awesome
  12. what about making a solo BR server and rest is duo/trio
  13. decay of 70 means that when shooting at distances >70m you will do less damage
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