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  1. Yes and I need a rocket launcher too
  2. macro kanata and macro switch are very nice saw a lot of ppl use it
  3. what kind of reward for first vilain and hero?
  4. Its a glich you can go inside this building i have a bug like this one time Old screen http://www.noelshack.com/2019-04-1-1548102757-glich.png
  5. I don't know yet if it's good or not
  6. you don t remember me from ddo5 nvm
  7. O M E G A

    stream ak

    Le français aussi.
  8. you can ask them, but i m sure its more than 2 min
  9. I m not in their clan. I just want to know why he bugs abuse and I'm pretty sure kamil wasnt not in game. Coz he must told him to dont do that.
  10. Since start of thread u sucking kamil, and talking about no sense things like video name No one care about video name except u. I just saw a BT man bug abusing and thats a fact Kamil can defends himself on forum i guess
  11. Maybe Kamil was in game with him, maybe not. They play a lot together right ? anyway stop sucking and stop bug abuse
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