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  1. Sometimes when you're running long distances you take a look on the global chat, but you aren't able to write anything while you run. Can you fix this?
  2. It did happen, me and a friend were in camp splinter looting, we had rpks, m249, we were using mtv's and helmets, so that's at least 30% damage reduction. We heard a player shooting a zombie and went to investigate, as soon as we get near the wall he walked into us, killing us both in less than a second with a jericho 9mm. That's why I'm not sure, he could have been an extremely good player but I didn't know if you can shoot a jericho that fast.
  3. Whas I'm asking is Is this possible within the game? Can you fire a jericho 9mm 7 times in less than a second?
  4. I was in camp splinter and a player shot me with his jericho. There was a total of at least 7 shots all fired in less than a second. Was he a hacker?
  5. I have installed the game a few days ago and told my friends to do the same. Game is running great, got a few more frames per second ans I'm not encountering any Aimbots as I usually encounter. But, things can never be perfect huh? We are experiencing heavy disconnects in the south american server also the voice comms are disabled. I'm not saying that is only me or my friends, the entire server is getting dc'ed and even rolled back. Due to the removal of spawn protection on spawn tons of players are getting killed by zombies and ruining the experience.
  6. 2: That's exactly what happens, do you want me to record the exact same thing that you said? You can enter a house, if there's a zombie outside roaming and he gets close enough to you he will aggro. EVEN IF YOU'RE STANDING STILL
  7. I just had an amazing experience with the voice comms; The voice communication was enabled today and was amazing, I spared a few players that didn't have any weapons. I got spared a couple of times too, fast communication is amazing. And then, voice comms was disabled again. Does anyone have any info on it? Will it be enabled again?
  8. I don't think I was clear enough, probably due to the language barrier; 1> When you log back you DON'T have spawn protection, only when you logging the first time, unarmed. Let me draw a situation for you. You, alone, clear an entire city, loot all places, kill all zombies and is waiting for the items to refresh. What places will you be checking? Outer town of course, you have clean the entire city, so you check for the city entrances. Then: BAM you're dead. Someone just logged in and killed you. How is that even fair? Also, If I'm in campos I wouldn't be bumped away, but logging back players would. 4> I don't want to be mean, but are we speaking of the same game? You just said in the other post that caps lock makes no sound whatsoever and zombie detection is through sound. Zombies ignore walls, if he is walking in your direction and you're staying still he still detects you through walls and this makes no sense.
  9. - Change the way that login works; When you login with a alive character you have an unfair adventage to the players that are currently in the same place as you. Solution: Make that if you are loging back you can't spawn next to players. -Decrease instakill situations; Armors should be more useful, the damage reduction is not a big deal, you can still get instakilled by a sniper even wearing a helmet. Solution: Increase the rarity of high damage high range weapons, make pistols more common, helmets can be destroyed by a headshot and will decrease damage received by it. -Due to the map being so big, if you're playing with friends and you don't have a car you will spend several minutes grouping with eachother just to be killed (or instakilled by a far away sniper). Solution: Decrease the afterdeath vision, increase death timer, create a rare item that can be used to revive allies. -Zombies detection is buggy; Zombies can spot you through walls. Solution: I'm not a programmer, so I can't suggest a solution. -Game is still bad optimized, but I think you guys know that. I can't thank enough fredaikis, I will be buying premium as soon as I get money, you guys have a gem that just needs some polishing. Thank you for reading this, feel free to disagree with me, cheers.
  10. I disagree with two of your ideas; I think the spawn rate of cars are fine, we just need more variety. Also, a shop for items is a terrible ideia it will just make new players quit the game. What makes a game like this good is equality, I want a new player to have the same chances as me a veteran to survive. Our only differences should be in knowledge; We already have a slight better chance to survive due to the skill tree, I disagree with the existance of it.
  11. As the title says, whenever you log onto the South American servers you receive a message saying that the Voice Chat is Disconnected. Also, I really want to get back to this game, I loved it and brought a total of 5 friends to play with me, but we all stopped playing because the south american server is filled with hackers, no clippers and aimbotters. I show great appreciation on the devs to make such a fun and challenging game, my friends and I will lift our bad reviews and go back playing when you launch the next update on the FAC. Best Regards.
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