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  1. I understand im just not a fan of arcade pvp. The fighting is pointless cause nothing is worth anything. Its all super fast paced which is not infestation to me. Plus all this jumping and shooting and still after all these years people can still glitch the left peak so i cant see their head. Survival was advertised as original ISS/WarZ gameplay and its anything else than that. All these entrances and back doors and hop ups added to everything plus the spawn timer being too short and the spawns being way too close to the pvp areas just makes it arcade 2.0. Its a shame really.
  2. I know man I just want them to change the weapons back so I can actually pvp with my friends until the game dies in a couple of weeks.
  3. Now weapons fully depends on all the attachments you added to the game. Remember the days when you could pvp without attachments and if you had a forward and a compact it only helped slightly. The guns shoot one or two straight bullets then the spread goes wildly inaccurate. I dont have 100 of each attachments now you're forcing me to inevitably spend money on the game because that is your END GAME. Just to not listen to players and make as much money on your game until it dies then move on to another reboot. Please change the guns back this is just awful.
  4. Who ever tells you this is a good idea is bad at the game and like to only outnumber people. For people who play in smaller groups this makes it physically impossible to win unless you have a huge gi with hundreds of attachments. The guns after the first patch were fine. They may have been lazer beams but at least everyone could shoot straight and it was fair.
  5. The guns are awful and way too dependent on attachments. Revert this hotfix my attachments shouldn't be worth more than the gun I am taking out.
  6. Can we revert this hotfix the guns are awful and way too dependent on attachments. This is ridiculous.
  7. Can we change the spawns and fix the hit registration?
  8. The gameplay style is totally different now. If any of you think this is original ISS then you are crazy or delusional. This is just harder to find loot PVP servers. All these entrances and back doors to everything along with no body moving once they get into town and just camping because there are 0 shields to push anybody is just cancer. If this is your ideal infestation then you obviously run in a very big group and just overpower people or you prefer arcade which is also nothing like original ISS. Game needs to change.
  9. I know I missed after but was is this hit registration man. People can take 5-6 shots before the bullets register. can you guys fix anything. This game is already dying and you guys seem to never care at all. You don't take any suggestions ever from anybody and just implement useless things.
  10. You keep the groups in survival down to 3 people. Yet all the Brazilian groups do is use the same clothes on the same characters and there will be 10 of them in one server in the same area. Please change something in survival. This is ridiculous and quite frankly starting to get very boring when I come into a server and they are already set up all over town. Either increase the max amount of players you can have in a group or create a clan system cause survival is dying fast and it doesn't seem like you guys really give a shit. This is one of the things that ruined the original infestation. They roll 8 deep and they all have 4 ghosters in a town. Its obvious survival isn't your main focus but some of us prefer the original pvp compared to the "no gear is worth anything" fast paced pvp of open world. A lot of players would appreciate some effort shown towards fixing survival considering its literally one big clan of BR's you fight everywhere. Literally just one group to fight day in day out. Shits dead advertise your game or something.
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