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  1. Then why didn't you do such optimization as you removed these bushes a few years ago. We could enjoy more FPS. But suddenly now it was possible to optimize it. Next thing ... you did delete everything, xp, GI, rep. You said you were making a shift to old WarZ feeling ... Lots of "sreamer's" players have been playing for a few days ... many servers ... and what do we have now? few servers, no many players anymore ... there is as much as before the reset ... and one thing we don't have is ours, loot ... xp ... rep ... nothing has changed ... Tell me one, is today's survival like the old WarZ ?? why you changed everything ??
  2. This make the FPS drop down !!
  3. It won't be the old WarZ, now you have the map after corrections and you can see how it looks. There were no ladders, groups, cars, krafting, skilltree in the old WarZ. When Old Players enter the game, new players will not play. This is called an experience. One thing that will happen is reset your GI and XP but that won't change anything.
  4. the previous feeling will never come back. People have learned to play it and they know there is no humanity here ... this is PVP with weapons or with a flashlight ... we will be fighting with flashlights. This is the feeling to kill, not to survive and help others.
  5. I did skill tree on every character ... collected loot and spent a lot of money and time on it ... and now all to zero? I have been playing Survival for 3 years, if others have not played it is their business and let them try now as much as they can and not that you reset everything just to keep players ... the effect will be the opposite ... two weeks people will play and that's it .. .
  6. Survival mode has been available for years ... if someone has not played and collected to their GI then why should my GI be reset to zero ?? NEXT one to leave the game.
  7. This is the next moment in this game where people stop playing the game. Nobody will put wooden locker's to lose items.
  8. Do not ask for our opinion, only look at the statistics of servers ... You have already asked for cars and did your own way, not as the players wanted.
  9. Toggel mission hud "L" not fixed ? Sneak + RMB (aim) do nt work
  10. In my opinion, playing with cars is more dynamic. You have to fix the cars and not disable them make one working car.
  11. I do not like to have to do all the characters renewal, I would like to play old characters in this mode. Stay in the open world.
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