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  1. Great patch! Great to see some new things coming in
  2. Sounds great! Have fun and a nice weekend everyone!
  3. Looks much nicer great Job Sven
  4. Private Servers work for me allready but thanks for the answer have a nice Weekend!
  5. Hey Sven any info for this issue yet?
  6. Good Patch! hyped to find some Halloween Boxes
  7. @BOOMTALITY Do you have Item Physics activated? if yes try to deactivate it i had a similar problem after a patch and had to disable it
  8. Thanks for the good explanation Fannti hope u guys will be able to find the fixes you need to make it more stable and enjoyable for everyone .
  9. +11111111 to: @DNI_Adrian Seriously i dont wanna start a fight but the your hardware is to old is so standart now, whenever a patch comes out and people have problems which they didnt had before (even with an old PC!) its the peoples hardware yes i understand that if people have old hardware the performance is not the best to run that game, but when the players say it was fine before just to say oh yeah its your hardware its getting kinda annoying same with me and my girlfriend, we were playing fine before after the last patch less fps, lags when Items are stacked into eachother the comment i get is your PC cant handle it then so all of a sudden its me and my gf PC after the Patch?!?!?! i dont get how that is working with the community to try to fix things You guys have a wonderful Weekend
  10. Its definitely not my Computer never had those problems before my girlfriend has the same problems and she has it turned off.
  11. Hey since you guys brought out the Patch where players started reporting heavy fps drops ive noticed that if you drop some items on the same spot that it starts lagging quite heavy you can also see that if someone drops items in bulk on the Trade lounge your FPS is basicly 0 the only way of fixing that is to restart your game which also doesnt work all the time same case goes for private servers dropped a few items on the same spot and got Heavy stutters hope it can help you guys in any way
  12. Glad you have fun streaming the game keep it up!
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