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  1. First of all, thank you for listen the community and our wishes from old warz players who miss the old game. Survival is now a great game, i see loot is better now and more variety like in original ISS. before we just could find krugers and bad items = useless items. Now i think we can find everything. AND THANK YOU FOR BRING BACK the old WarZ Sounds , horror sounds game is being really nice, i hope you can keep working on it improving more and more to bring back to us the old feeling ehehe I just dont like the new sounds when we hit on zombies etc.. old sounds i think was better. This new ones are weird xD.Thank you for this patch
  2. Thanks Svena69 specially in Survival because we are old WarZ players Before we just could always find the same kind of loot. i hope now have more variety im Downloading right now
  3. well, maybe you are not understanding what i meaning mate, i just saying would like to see the original items from original ISS and some new made by devs. and put more variety of loot and random loot.
  4. This is what we old players want. But devs cant see that. Old feeling. This Survival mode and open world looks like more an emulator than an official game... If they dont make any changes Survival will be dead. Right now you just have like 1-2 servers with nice pop. others servers are useless. Please devs just hear us
  5. Good old times when Safe zone was always full of players
  6. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/3317205487456050909/63AADCA99CC97927C45DA36853F97E45C8EEB193/
  7. I really hope. But honestly i think original loot table from ISS would be very good. We hope you can make nice and decent changes in Survival mode like in OLD ISS. as you can see you just have 1 server in Survival with nice pop. People want the old feeling not a emulator feeling. Some photos from OLD ISS. We really miss you
  8. This game just lose the fun. is not the same game anymore. always bad dev team. im out with this game. Never listen the community only focus in making skins and more skins and useless things. Im out of this game. Uninstalled. 06/10/2017
  9. Good evening to everyone, I was playing right now, i was playing in Open World > official servers > Colorado V1 and i noticed even Colorado V1 reworked by you is the most similar map that we have from old WARZ, is exactly the same, so i was thinking and why not? So my suggestion is put that Colorado V1 reworked by you as a main map on Survival mode, put the old loot table system, even loot system on V1 isnt bad at all but is easy to find loot. i saw more variety of loot in there like in warz, so why not focus on that ? Colorado V1 reworked by you and old loot table system and some new items of you. Even this Colorado V1 reworked by you is the most similar or even exactly the same so go ahead devs just do it, put it as a main map on Survival mode and old loot system table and everything is fine
  10. Honestly i think craft mode is useless, well some maybe not but most of them are. why dont put the same loot table as OLD ISS original and some new items created by you DEVS, because this looks like more an emulator than an official game. Same loot table, same or similar Dark environment as OLD ISS and awesome. Before we could find everything, everywhere of course not in some hours and minutes, but everything was findable. If we find a m16 or something like that before we runned away to safe zone with the fear of being dead by others players. Just give us the same Feeling. Christmas is almost here and who remember the Christmas Tree with presents? so amazing. Please devs put the same items as OLD ISS and everything will be ok. I think you shouldnt make a big changes in loot and in map Colorado, i think this 2 things are the main features to give us the real feeling of ISS. And then you can add some work maded by you wont hurt anyone. About items > dont create many items exactly the same like MTV, light gear..we dont need repetitive items, its enough 1 item. example > no need mtv forest , mtv blue, mtv green etc...just stay MTV forest or something like that. the same for the rest This way Survival mode is really boring and not enjoyable.
  11. Hello Survivors, Im a old WarZ Player and im glad to have again Infestation alive, this is not an emulator anymore right? it´s official game? I enjoyed both modes , Survival and Open World, but ofc as a old WarZ player i would like to play more in Survival mode, but i notice something is wrong with Loot, i searched some cities and i found always the same kind of loot. I remember before we had more variety of loot, some weapons could be findable more easily than others, some melees are missing too, would be cool if had the same loot table as Infestation Original and some of new items created by you DEVS. I really enjoy the Survival but this way is a little boring to play , i think we want more variety of Loot, some things are missing to give us the real feeling of old ISS, i dont know if it is purpose or not, but if you could do something about it would be much better to everyone. I hope you can do something. Anyway Good Job.
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