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  1. That's funny as hell, but I feel bad for the poor guy! Good shit regardless haha
  2. The only benefits of a purchased account in Survival mode are double EXP and the designation on the scoreboard; everything else only effects Open World. At least for now
  3. mvp13

    Shared EXP?

    I don't think I was around for that, but still as it stands right now you could easily boost with the current system. Say it takes 100 rounds of whatever gun to kill the Super Zombie Player A shoots 98 rounds and player B shoots a few rounds from a Kruger to finish the job. If anything this is worse boosting since player B gets 100% of the EXP. I suppose you could take the idea further by implementing some sort of damage percentage parameter, where each player has to do at least 25% damage or something to be considered for the EXP. There's gotta be some way to do it to prevent boosters while also rewarding honest players.
  4. mvp13

    Shared EXP?

    How would it be abused?
  5. mvp13

    Shared EXP?

    Hey guys, Would it be possible to add shared EXP in the game? Even if it's just for the Super Zombie. Here's the problem: you're in a group of 3 people fighting the Super Zombie. All 3 are using ammo. But he only drops one loot item and only gives EXP to one player. I'm not asking for more loot, but what if the EXP was shared in some way? Whether everyone gets the 250/500 experience, or it is split between the amount of players who give damage to the Super Zombie. So if two people shoot him, each player gets 125/250, and so on. Just a suggestion, I felt really bad yesterday fighting a Super Zombie in a group and hogging all the EXP! Thanks, MVP
  6. Hi Sven, I think it would be a good idea to put in, and I liked the system Survivor Stories already had in place. It's realistic, and it would prevent people from using the same gun or melee weapon for forever (unless of course they repair it). It gives more meaning for Repair Kits than just for repairing cars. You can make repairing weapons on the bench cost Survival Currency. It would prevent players from sitting up on a roof top for hours sniping people, they'd eventually have to come down to repair the gun. It was a feature I always enjoyed in the original game, very unique. I think it set the game apart from other survival games. Either way though, if the devs don't think it's a good idea, it is easier for us this way anyway : P
  7. Wasn't getting crashes before, didn't get them after the update either.
  8. FYI about EXP: if you buy one of the membership options (Premium, Deluxe, or Extreme), you get double EXP. That's why you see streamers get 10 instead of 5. Also: Super Zombies appear to take damage the same in the body as to the head. Shoot him in the body so every shot hits. And of course go full auto as Sven says. I'm able to drop a Super Zombie in 3-4 magazines with a Saiga. It should take 100-150 assault rifle rounds too, depending on the weapon.
  9. Hi Sven! I meant more in terms of "Light" vs "Medium". I find it strange and a little confusing that they both have the same damage reduction. I was just wondering if there was any benefit between the two, or if they were essentially the same. Maybe I'm just being nitpicky on the language Thanks!
  10. I'm back with another noob question... Light Gear gives 15% damage reduction, as does the Medium Gear and Custom Vest. However, the text on the Medium Gear suggests it's actually better than the Light Gear. I was wondering if there was any difference? Or are they both 15% and it's just a difference in skin? Just wondering how accurate the stats are in general. Appreciate the help, thanks!
  11. Just throwing in my two cents, I'm actually finding a lot of duct tape. Specifically in the tall buildings like the one in Whitehouse Mountain. Gasoline and repair kits are a lot more rare but still out there sometimes in auto shops. Personally I don't have many issues with food. The mystery skin is always AUG Indy for me too. The wood and metal numbers are annoying right now, I walk in nature and can't even find many Sticks to make more wood... but like Sven says when the full update is out I'm sure it'll be better. I just think there should be more Sticks and Scrap Metal available until that update comes.
  12. Haha thanks. Found another one today (though only one other person was on the server so I feel like I was cheating) and got the military backpack and a stanag 60. Worth it for the big backpack! Now I'll get nothing next time for bragging : P
  13. Thanks for the information. I was able to find some gasoline and checked this out, was able to make everything work. Thanks again!
  14. This was in the old game. I hope they do bring it back eventually, along with the repair benches and stuff. I thought it was a nice mechanic. Personally, I find more weapons than anything else... so I would have no problem with this.
  15. I've only looted one air drop, and I got a K-Style NVG, wood barricade, and a SIG Sauer. I consider that worth it, and I would go for it again. I did get lucky though, it was right next to a safe zone, so I was able to take the bus over there and get it with no hassle. I was in a pretty full server, too.
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