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  1. Is there a list of which AR's are going to be considered the "long range" like the SIG and which ones are the close range guns like the IMTAR ? Thanks
  2. New Zombie should be able to climb so no more climb the chopper or the crate stack and automatically be safe would make it much more challenging for those of us who like PVE
  3. So I have a contract that requires a Mini Uzi yet I cannot find one anywhere on the Colorado V2 map? Are they really this rare or anyone know a good spot where one usually spawns? Thanks.
  4. That's what I figured it was quite a impressive sight though to one shot him even if it gave no XP or Loot I appreciate the reply.
  5. So my friend and I decided to drop by Emerald Peak Retreat while playing last night. In game it was early morning the sun was just coming up but the Alien was still out so we setup to gun him down with our SAW's I took one shot to pull him towards us and down he went one shotted with a SAW and he dropped no iloot!!!! Can we assume the sunlight weakened it? Has anyone seen this before? It was rather a big let down we were fixed for a good fight and instead he dropped like a stone.
  6. Thanks for the info I do like the looks of it since it is different, but since I am new and not really all that good I don't want to sacrifice functionality for cosmetics at this point. Thanks again
  7. Hello I am new to the game and really like it! I have a question I picked up something called the "Cleanser" maybe "Cleaner" which appears to be a homemade silencer does anyone know what the difference is with this vs a standard silencer ? Is it better or is just for looks. Any info would be appreciated. RIOTJUICE
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