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  1. The ghillie camo is nice, managed to get one myself even though I don't use that suit much (yet). Been busy with classes and other stuff so I haven't been on New Z much lately. By the way, that weekend event that was announced is not limited solely to the official OW servers is it? Like for instance if I was hunting supers in the private OW servers would they still be able to drop spawners there? I'm generally not much for pvp mode in games, especially if said game focuses heavily on sniper camping. I mean come on is it that hard to use a "different" weapon type? lol.
  2. And thank you as well for the reply. Honestly I must admit I was surprised to see a response that quick on a suggestion, but thanks for noticing it. I hope this might be possible in future updates. As a camo collector of sorts it would be nice to have the full set
  3. I've been wondering about this for a long time, at least 2 years now I think, maybe the reason is there has not been much mention of this? The M9 helmet has black and camo variants for the standard look and one with goggles, yet when it comes to the M9 helmet with NVG on them there is no supported camo equivalent. The NVG model is essentially the same M9 model aside from the night vision, so why not carry over the camo patterns to it to complete the set? It would be nice to have a matching camo night vision helmet without having to swap every time it gets dark. Also on the same topic of camo skin sets, any chance of adding the following in the future since the others have been converted to skins like: Light Gear Desert, Medium Armor Urban, MTV Urban? I honestly hope that the focus is not being put solely on heavy and survival mode armor to the point of leaving the others behind, there are those of us who actually like to use the other types out of preference too.
  4. That blue dot over the campos city parking lot I can confirm is a vehicle spawn. I've seen vehicles there before multiple times in the past. Most times it was a ZK, would like to see more strykers or even an occcasional humvee though.
  5. I understand this is an old thread, but where do you manage to find the light gear forest skin outside of that GC mystery box? I found the urban one from ground loot, but not forest yet. Same goes for medium armor.
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