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  1. Please add spring valley back, for small groups we have no choice but to play in rocky all day because colorado IS FULL OF THAILANDS IN GROUPS OF MORE THAN 20 PLAYERS, you guys dont add ping limit on all servers and dont add limit clan, then can you add spring valley / clear v2 / west oaks? so that small groups can also have fun?

    thx and sry for my english i know is so bad 


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  2. 21 minutes ago, Sven said:

    Okay. I mean examples would help so that I can explain you what's going on.

    Either way a lot of people think that the chrome skins for example drop other player's FPS but this is all not true.

    Only thing that could potentially drop player's FPS when it comes to the skins, is the skins that actually have a modified mesh for example the SVD Shark Attack, Custom Fallen Angel, Heavy Fallen Angel etc.

    Good news is that for upcoming patch I have already optimized those skins! :)

    nice, and the game is not because I'll go like this, and there are more people in my clan with better computers that do the same, we play pvp in boulder-born and sites like that and the game is very fluid ... there are people that has more fps than me but they do not flow as well = (

  3. 13 hours ago, JKS said:

    Respaw goes to 5min and 2min for premium++ solves the problem

    no is only for the instant-respawn, if you play with other 5 friends like me is not possible win 5vs40, is thailand style, i never see thailand players playing less than 40 in newz, but is good for the game Kappa $$$$

  4. 12 minutes ago, Fannti said:

    Guys, like mentioned in the Q&A we found out that our anti-lag system wasn't working as intended. From the next hotfix (rolling out this week) people should always disadvantage from lag, possibly fixing this and making lagswitching useless.


    it's not just for the ping, it's mathematically impossible for you to find groups of Thais who are less than 40 players ... this makes the players leave the game to go to PUBG or fornite or any other game ... they always play in groups of more than 30 people and this KILLS the pvp, which means that every day we have fewer players and the game is based only on Thailanders, which, the day they get bored because there are no people to play pvp because they will have already thrown out the whole world, they will change emulators or they will go to the new infestation and the newz will be empty

    - Open newz, join colorado, 50 thailands waiting any clan (i think no is possible win 50 players spawning each 15 seconds)
    - Change to Calliwood, same shit
    - Faster pvp (15-20 min)
    - Changing game

    this is the usual routine of a lot of people in newz right now

  5. 3 hours ago, linvus said:

    What eu and american players??? :)

    Theres no more than 100 active players (mostly people new to game)
    Everyone left


    game is dead.

    they still remain, little but they remain, and the rest of the players of eu and america have left the game because they can not play every day against clans of 40-50 players and less with the new respawn system, which kills one and the 15 sg kills you the same from 200 meters

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  6. - Clans with more than 50 thailands playing together making the game impossible for all eu players
    - Calliwood and Colorado dont have any optimization, its look like beta game 

    if you continue like this, the result will be that the few eruoean and american players who do not have clans with more than 50 players , thailands players be bored because dont have victims for kills, they will leave the game and newz dilldie,i know my opinion matters little to you, but ill leave it there, if you are interested

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  7. First sry for my english, is so bad and im using google translator xD

    and also one of the problems is that these players play pvp being more than 40, yes, as you read me, more than 40 people ... which makes European players can not compete and go to another map ... tired of pvp server, will go to the spring valley and see how a clan of 12-13 people are camping metal booths and towers for more than 2-3 hours ... after this you think, ok I can not play red against more than 40 people I can not play spring valley, so I'll go to the pvp maps ... at 30 min you get bored and the other two options are not valid, what's left? play a br or change the game for a while ... we do not want Thai players to be banned, only to play in their region, to play pvp between them ... how many European players will have left the game because of this issue ? admins, I think you should play a pvp afternoon in clearview-boulder-airport to see what is happening to the game ...

    And we should also touch the issue of fluency and fps, every day that passes people lose more fps and fluency

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  8. 1 minute ago, Malaguitaz said:

    Dejastes a tus compañeros en el campo de batalla para ir a reportar jajajajaja. I love it

    ya que vosotros no podeis reclutais a 35-40 chinos, ellos matan vosotros mirais, nada nuevo para ti^^

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