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  1. wouldn't be wouldn't be free payment would be items and that includes things like gi lockers snipers well anything they would want me to farm I have gi lockers and all already in global waiting but no loot or zombies in the 100 man servers
  2. I mean in ISS no one really cared about it u should add some extras or make hell toss some dyes in the came make some craftable only skins that would be worth it ........ maybe new masks u can only craft its just so many guns in game that melee well is pointless
  3. Hi I'm looking for a private server mainly would like caliwood will pay in any gear u would like just think of me as a personal farmer cant pvp cause of hand injury so looking for PVE (all snipers ammo....dx...and any items u want ill save and give to u each time I see u or hw ever u like)
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