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  1. I always wanted this to be a thing since old ISS. It would be great if you could sell items, weapons, gear, etc for a small amount of cash in the in-game market.
  2. 3 meds 4 shields mouse 5 for third person
  3. Nickeragua


    LOL. Good luck with that price.
  4. Buying a SSD is probably the best thing you can do for your pc. I suggest getting one large enough to hold windows and a few of your favorite games. I currently have a Samsung 850 EVO 1tb and I love everything about it.
  5. 28 days later. Awesome movie
  6. There already is a toggle crouch option. Go to options > Controls > at the bottom left crouch has press or toggle.
  7. Hell no! People would be dropping millions.
  8. Doubt they'll lower it. They probably make a ton of money off people buying crates/airdrops/skins to sell for gd or people who convert gc to gd
  9. Crafting and hunting are great ideas. For the longest time, I wished ISS and this game would have some sort of hunting feature. Especially in the recent survival update. We could hunt, cook and eat food to not only take care of hunger but also regenerate health. I love games with base building/fortifying, but I doubt this would ever make it to infestation. I think it would ruin a lot of the servers. People would have these obnoxious bases all over the map, plus they seem pointless seeing how you wouldn't need to store loot in there or anything. As for the improvised firearms I think they would be pointless on open world, but useful on survival. High end weapons are extremely easy to obtain and the majority of players would never use these improvised versions. Although on survival since the loot is completely different I think this could be a good addition. +1 for the rideable cows/horses. LOL
  10. I could be wrong, but I don't remember ever having to unlock the other two character slots. I always had 5 from the start. Maybe it has something to do with your playtime or something else, but you should not have to buy gc to unlock the slots. Maybe someone else or a mod/dev can answer this more specifically, but from what I remember when I made two of my accounts I always had the 5 characters from the start.
  11. I've killed a lot of alien super zombies. I get a decent amount of snipers, but mostly heavy armor and helmets. On some occasions I got modern black and camo skin boxes. I know a while ago they increased the drop of snipers, but still for the amount of ammo used on them they should drop better loot.
  12. I would love to have solo pvp servers. I mainly play solo and it's annoying going up a group of people. It's almost impossible to win sometimes. The only problem is I think this would be really difficult to enforce. It would probably be a lot like the BR Tropico. People would still group no matter what and there would be tons of reports, bans and wasted time. They need to come up with some type of system where in these solo servers you cannot join with a friend/clanmate or something of the sort.
  13. In my opinion, this should not be in survival. The only way to regen health should be meds and food. Just my opinions though.
  14. I had this happen a while ago. I got out of a car and started taking damage from an invisible zombie. I think it's what insert said. It's a render issue if you enter an area. I've only had it happen when I drive fast then quickly get out of a vehicle though.
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