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  1. Aight, I am premium though so are the servers up or naw?
  2. Finding out about survival mode being released soon! Also y u gotta have so many skinboxes
  3. That's either your computer or internet, for me all of the servers on the game run silky smooth, and just "juicing up and getting better servers" doesn't work that way. Running servers as a game development team isn't as easy as a lot of people make it sound, there's a lot of maintenance involved for some server providers.
  4. Skye

    High Jump

    High jump is only persistent on private servers and battle royale warmup, no high jumping on official or pvp.
  5. Skye


    Ya I played every day for the past week on pvp servers, getting well over 300+ kills, when suddenly I got my rank, it just takes time is all, halfway through silver III for my global rank, now for battle royale (competitive rank), you need to PLAY, not win, but play 10 games of BR to get your competitive rank.
  6. Skye

    Bus System

    I actually love it because on an official server with a higher pop, if you died previously in pvp lets say, and you needed to switch characters but the next one you selected is the opposite side of the map, if you want to use the bus stop to get to that location, it isn't as easy as "oh hey, lets just tp across the map and kill the guy who killed me", but rather you have to be ready to die and lose your stuff if you want to just go straight to that pvp zone.
  7. I personally hated it because there were glitch spots where (utilising the overgrowth) players could continuously jump up the side of a building until they are at the top.
  8. If you are speaking about the weird physics glitch where when they die they fall through the ground on things like sidewalks and such this is normal, been there since the beginning of WarZ. If you are talking about them falling through the ground while chasing you then I don't know, guess I didn't need to sleep tonight anyways.
  9. I usually go on Colorado v1 and head to the airport to farm super zombies :).
  10. It said in the patch notes about there being a survival mode test server. Is there simply a delay or do I have to go through some annoying process to access it?
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