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  1. Name: Nirassa Discord: Nirassa#5253 Reputation: AA12 GOD
  2. +1 and pls close houses again everyone camp 24/7
  3. 1- with this spawn system when you spawn and start to run ppl spawn behind you and start to shooting at you instantly and you cant even react that you die instantly 2- many ppl dont even bring something when they spawn no dx no stanag no gun and sometimes you run out of stuff and die cuz of that 3- with this spawn system we are wasting so much item dx shield stanag ar sniper etc... 4- we have lower fps I think it should get remove from pvp maps but it is good for Openworld cuz it takes too long time to login back to large maps
  4. 1- 250 ping limit is enoght for everyone and they lose all eu players cuz of lagswitching ppl 2- True but they cant do anything about it it is about community not game 3- 4- I know they are not working on it I just say my idea and if they start to work on it they might get more ppl in game 5- 6- When you join emty warmup for 1v1s bambies are coming instantly and not letting you play it is soo cancer
  5. Maybe your inthernet is good enoght but many ppl lagswitching soo hard for my opinion 250 ping limit is enough for everyone it is not too low ppl from another counries can join and lagswitch ppl cant join
  6. 1- Add ping limit for all pvp servers 2- Almost every pvp server is dead already extra rocky servers are useless just remove them 3- Stop adding new skins and try to fix more problems about game crashes, freezes, dying behind shield ... 4- Game is keep losing players I think if you can make good competitive mod many ppl gonna comeback 5- New supercup is coming give event server to every clan in tournament for training 6- Make 1v1 map cuz when you make 1v1s in warmup random bambies can be so annoying 7- Make dx and riot cheaper cuz open world is only for pvp now and they are expensive This is few ideas from me if you have more ideas type it I hope newz admins take this serious
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