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  1. says : Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. @ElChupacabra
  2. I ment actual rules and team requirements
  3. where to find the info for the supercup?
  4. - make reputation mean something ex, cant have access to certain safezones or they get shot by npc's or make a bandit hideout -make the map feel alive, so far the only things that really move are players and zombies, and the zombie movement isnt so great... maybe seeing birds or wild animals would make running to one place to another just tad more interesting. Im also trying to imagine more dynamic interactions with npcs (traders, bad guys)
  5. idea 1 and 2 is a nope from me, 3 is good
  6. Gotta keep those thais happy with skins and taunts i guess
  7. I think a new map is in order to seperate open world and survival, so a unique map to survival with space for the new building system and a way to create new loot spawns/ zones with events. having an underground system would be epic for fast travel using trains and creating more enemies that are actual threats would be nice.
  8. There are still some places that need to be fixed but this is a start, you get stuck at the top of the square tubes at the grain silo
  9. I quit playing for awhile and when i came back i was dissapointed to see that the game was worse than when i left
  10. Just got a medkit out of the airdrop and thats it. what kind of airdrop would have just that? make them more worth fighting for
  11. if they aren't in the game yet there's problably a good reason (bugs/too many skins), but it would be nice to complete the set
  12. i agree as a vet player since warz, that i wasnt a big fan of the small lockers when they were implemented but i like how they are trying fix it so that every one is happy, But its true that sometimes i dont get where they are getting some ideas like making private servers on survival. Like what are you doing? trying to make an open world 2.0? all we need now is guys to farm up and their gi's will look identical.
  13. I agree but make sure that these clans are actually inactive before removing, and as the game grows having active clan guide lines for keeping their skins would be great
  14. I agree with this, it would improve the crafting system and nvg vision
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