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  1. Te vi y lo sabes , solo es un player que te a matado de escondido y te a esperado escondido. el aunta bien... pero ES solo un jugador del estilo.. bifin, espirigueto o toudou... jugadores con buena punteria pero sin valor para luchar sin estar escondidos. 100% no hacker
  2. i love open WORLD !!! NICE JOB SVENA!!!
  3. con el autospawn TE VOY A PARTIR EL CULO HEART
  4. I know that rusek does not use HACK and I do not think he is to blame, my doubt is if you used something so that he would not receive impacts. "I do not say this with 100% certainty because I do not know what commands and what things a mod could do" I mean the permissions within the game. a MOD can punish a player that we can all sanctify .. but can he do something else? I do not like to discuss with the MOD, I do not even allow my team to respond to them in the game. and it is well that in the time I have been in the game if I have seen a chet I have also seen it banned. and when I report to someone I make sure to have a video first (I do not like to accuse in a free manner) but YOUR KAMIL acted very strange after the PARKIN. You never use the chat to be nice to me, if not the opposite ... but when IN GAME we asked you about rusek you were kind enough and you responded without anger. that action + and that rusek was with you + and that you are a new mod. That's why my question is not about RUSEK, but about you. if rusek took hack I think he would have killed half the team at least, but Rusek missed too many shots. to think it was hack. (I think I'm in an error and it was just a BUg but it can not be denied that I had reason to suspect)
  5. I do not care if it is kamil or is the same DONALD TRUMP, just look for Mod to pronounce and that an explanation to by no hits from any position. Even before my team redeems it completely from the entrance to the parking lot I was already being attacked by a mauser and atampoco received impacts. if it were an invisible contender, it is good that in x zone he does not receive impacts but if he does not receive impacts by an imvisible wall he could not give impact to the other players. but the truth is that from the entrance to the parkin he could do harm to others but could not take damage. and when he was surrounded, he did not receive damage from any angle. and also mention that your opinion is not neutral since on the bridge after I assimilate miraya and give continuity mate to gizmoo and when I look back I also went back to kill you needed a rusek to be able to kill me. I mean that you are part of the conflict and your opinion is clearly partial.
  7. Do you want to watch a video with another player in the same area as rusek? why can I go to the same parking lot and burn like bullets if they hurt
  8. At first we thought it was a BUG, but after seeing some tests on players with that skin we came to the conclusion that it is not a BUG. but an explanation would be good
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