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  1. 1 - IMI TAR & SVD IN SHOP ( can't spend my time in lounge because there is no seller anymore ) 2 - A special rocky where you are full stuff everytime you join/revive ( include free revive ) 3 - XD 4 - XD 2
  2. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: HIGH & HUNGRYCOUNTRY/REGION: EUROPE1. GENETICZZ (CLAN LEADER)2. JUIFSTAAR3. TETSU KUN 4. NIRASSA5. FLOWZ Reserve : Dyness, ChrisB, Mysta, Grabsky, VolishQ, Hentai, PullBear, Linus, Tuturz, Jay, Noksit, Raizee, Kazmight, Battlestar HYPE HYPE SO HAPPY HIGH CLAN
  3. https://gyazo.com/ddf42b94a0d6f510122a04abfda1250b
  4. 50 %all these people overpricing ar/skin are doing blackmarket for sure
  5. who care about night & day, people can't even join with a bizon, rocky are made 80% of bambi respawning without weapon. improve rocky : remove shotgun, revive atleast with 1 weap even if i prefer the old spawn system why do not add weapon directly in the market? i don't wanna paid 10k for an ar, that was the price of svd 2 years ago monkaS
  6. Name : Spray on my feet rep : Bot hunter
  7. So theres only 4 teams registred, look ez to get clan skin
  8. Can eu clan join? Ping in na is around 90-110ms for eu player
  9. Hello, rocky map is good now ( imo ) but bambi running out of weapon and stuff make the pvp bad, people should have 1 weapon atleast for revive ( and maybe bring back the old spawn system ? )
  10. I started newz to late for know this rocky but it look better +
  11. Playing with + rep char become unplayable in rocky ford You need to find a solution for +rep people who want to kill everybody and not necessarely teaming with all bambies (i mean +rep)
  12. as i said your not enough playing ar, imi shoot straight 100% of the time, not the aug, and btw the aug dont reach 600 of fire rate
  13. to make clear what i'm looking for, less firerate for imi tar, something around 605-615 instead of 645, but add 0,5 damage.
  14. this conversation is not only about damages of imi tar
  15. not op, just the only weapon shooting straight, i mean if ur hiding behind a boxes and shooting with 3rd person you can play with everyone weap, but as close distance riot to riot with some first person shoot yeah imi tar is the best. I just need something between aug and imi tar, shooting straight, not to fast and 3 tap
  16. you're mainly sniper player now, imi tar became rare, thats the last weapon who shoot straight, i deal good if she stay like this but same dmg as aug would be nice
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