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  1. 1 - IMI TAR & SVD IN SHOP ( can't spend my time in lounge because there is no seller anymore ) 2 - A special rocky where you are full stuff everytime you join/revive ( include free revive ) 3 - XD 4 - XD 2
  2. TEAM NAME AND TAG*: HIGH & HUNGRYCOUNTRY/REGION: EUROPE1. GENETICZZ (CLAN LEADER)2. JUIFSTAAR3. TETSU KUN 4. NIRASSA5. FLOWZ Reserve : Dyness, ChrisB, Mysta, Grabsky, VolishQ, Hentai, PullBear, Linus, Tuturz, Jay, Noksit, Raizee, Kazmight, Battlestar HYPE HYPE SO HAPPY HIGH CLAN
  3. https://gyazo.com/ddf42b94a0d6f510122a04abfda1250b
  4. 50 %all these people overpricing ar/skin are doing blackmarket for sure
  5. who care about night & day, people can't even join with a bizon, rocky are made 80% of bambi respawning without weapon. improve rocky : remove shotgun, revive atleast with 1 weap even if i prefer the old spawn system why do not add weapon directly in the market? i don't wanna paid 10k for an ar, that was the price of svd 2 years ago monkaS
  6. Name : Spray on my feet rep : Bot hunter
  7. So theres only 4 teams registred, look ez to get clan skin
  8. Can eu clan join? Ping in na is around 90-110ms for eu player
  9. Hello, rocky map is good now ( imo ) but bambi running out of weapon and stuff make the pvp bad, people should have 1 weapon atleast for revive ( and maybe bring back the old spawn system ? )
  10. I started newz to late for know this rocky but it look better +
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