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  1. so if i die the personal locker will be gone in my inventory and i need to buy it again at the store?
  2. is the personal locker permanent when the personal locker is in your inventory but someone killed you or you died at a zombie attack will it still be in your inventory?? and how about if you deploy it can u pick it up again to put it in your inventory?? or if u quit the game and the personal locker is deployed is it gonna be back at the inventory?
  3. thanks guys for telling me so what is normal OPEN world are there in infestation?? i`m just new so i don`t know which one it is can u tell me?
  4. Hello i would like to know why i can`t get any money from killing some zombies i already killed 24 zombies but i didn`t get any money from any of them i`m playing SURVIVAL MODE please kindly help me and i`ve been playing for almost 4hours and yet i`m still not gaining any money from killing some zombies
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